We test: Audi RS4 Avant – for the city, on the road and on the track (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

We test: Audi RS4 Avant – for the city, on the road and on the track (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Audi is famous for its sports models. We had the opportunity to test three such cars, in which a powerful engine and a strong silhouette play a central role. First, the Audi RS4 Avant.

We test: Audi RS4 – a stubborn model

The car was recently presented in Poznań during the Audi Sportscars Experience. This is the German brand’s circuit event, intended especially for customers who are offered to test Audi sports models. It presented three such cars: RS4, RS6 and R8.

The Audi RS4 2013 model (this is the third generation of this car) is offered only as a station wagon (like the first generation RS from 2000). The base of the RS4 is the A4 Avant. But the models tried to make the body work look very violent.

Sports suit

There is actually no front bumper on the RS4. It’s basically a spoiler for each and an additional air intake. While the radiator grille, the so-called singleframe, is a metal mesh with a honeycomb structure.

At the back, there is a diffuser and two powerful tailpipes coming out from the sides, which not only give an attractive appearance, but also a deep, sporty sound. The side line of the body was made more attractive by installing metal covers for the side mirrors, covers under the sills and 19-inch aluminum rims (the test car had 20-inch rims).

To make it clear which Audi version it is, the body of the car is decorated with red and silver RS4 logos. They are located on the radiator air intake, on the rear door trim and on the boot lid.

Leather and aluminum

The main trim materials in the cabin are black leather, aluminum and carbon fiber.
For the driver and front passenger, there are bucket-shaped sports seats with prominent side bolsters that support the body very well when cornering. The steering wheel, arranged low, with aluminum trim is also eye-catching.

The heart of the dashboard is the multifunction display. It is the main feature of the MMI system on board, that is, information and radio combined with GPS navigation. The control knob for this system is located in the tunnel between the front seats.

The Audi RS4 is currently only available in the Avant version, a station wagon. The trunk of the car is the same as the standard A4 model. It has a capacity of 490 liters, and when the backrest is folded down, the luggage space increases to 1430 liters. There are hiding places on the side walls.

Anger ahead

The RS4 has a 4.2 liter V8 petrol engine with 450hp under the hood. The drive is transmitted to both axles (standard) through an S-tronic 7-speed automatic transmission.
According to factory data, one hundred is achieved in 4.7 seconds. We looked. The second time it worked, because the wheels were grinding the asphalt furiously on the first try. It later turned out that the surface was slightly wet at the start of the test.

The near-instant effect from high pressure on the accelerator pedal isn’t the only cue the RS4 offers. The most interesting feeling accompanying the corner. This car doesn’t stick to the road, it sticks to it. There is no manual search, the car goes to the place where the driver ordered. The quattro drive and dynamic suspension system pay off. They are compatible with the sports operating system, which adjusts the power of assistance to the speed of poison – the speed of the steering wheel goes further.

I should also mention the acoustic effects from the exhaust system. From the two exhaust pipes comes a bass noise, like from a race.