We will make cars with internal combustion engines until they ban us.  LPG has a future

We will make cars with internal combustion engines until they ban us. LPG has a future

Spring is for the richest drivers

“We want Dacia to continue to offer the best offer at the best price,” replied Martinet to journalists in corporate language when asked what the car company will look like in ten years. “Yes, it means we’re going to make internal combustion engines until they ban us,” he added then calmly over grilled fish in a Portuguese restaurant. He himself made it clear several times that Dacia does not want to rush to other car companies that have already started to push electric and make themselves more convenient for people.

“At the moment we have an electric Spring in our range and we’ve been successful with it. But it’s not like people are buying it as the only car for the family. This is a second, third car, that is, an addition to someone who has a regular car with an internal combustion engine and enough money to buy another car for a comfortable ride around the city and its surroundings,” Martinet responded to Autosalon’s explanation that. Spring is behind the price of more than half a million already quite expensive car. But as the vice president of the brand confirmed, it is not aimed at people who can afford only one car for 500 thousand crowns. Of course, they will choose an internal combustion engine, and there are many of them in the Dacia version.

The interview shows that Martinet is now very proud of the Dacia Jogger and hybrid car. “We can offer it at a price of 25,000 euros (613,000 CZK, editor’s note), which will again give us a significant price advantage over the competition. We expect that a quarter of customers will go for it, because it is an attractive offer in terms of price, utility and performance . Instead, we don’t plan to get into the plug-in hybrid yet, it’s an expensive technology that doesn’t make sense for us,” added Martinet.