Webber defends and says that Piastri “was honest” in the case of McLaren / Alpine: “The pilot needs to run”

Webber defends and says that Piastri “was honest” in the case of McLaren / Alpine: “The pilot needs to run”

Mark Webber revealed some of the details of the case surrounding Oscar Piastri’s move to McLaren and said that, although he was doing tests, the fact that he was off the F1 grid in 2022 “made him feel bad”.

Piastri’s debut in Formula 1 is also surrounded by expectations after the disappointment with Alpine

Photo: McLaren / Grand Prix

If you have a pilot that will start 2023 Formula 1 season in the spotlight, this is oscar piastre. After all the imbroglio involving the trip to Australia McLarenchief of alpine, Otmar Szafnauerhe even questioned the loyalty of a former student, but Mark Webber He tried to say that, of all those involved, Piastri was the most honest.

The former F1 driver is Oscar’s manager and closely followed the chaos that followed Fernando Alonso announce to the world that he will become a pilot aston martin in 2023. At the time, Alpine rushed to confirm Piastri in place of the two-time champion, but the news was denied by the 21-year-old pilot hours later. The reason, then, came to light: the contract already existed with McLaren, which was confirmed to be true later and Treaty Recognition Council.


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Webber defended Piastri against the accusations of

Webber defended Piastri against accusations of “dishonesty”

Photo: Alpine / Grand Prix

Webber spoke to the Australian website fast food restaurant that, throughout the process, Piastri was “completely relaxed” and continued: “Surprisingly, he showed all the honesty possible under the circumstances, as he was waiting for answers and was the most honest of the whole situation”, he defended.

“All the other shareholders and those who had been there since he was eight years old were a little impatient, of course. But Oscar was willing to be as honest as possible, and it was very challenging, what the future would be like,” added Webber. , who elaborated on the decision on behalf of the Woking team.

“McLaren said that a change – Oscar or otherwise – was the main ambition, and we could be left without an Australian on the grid. Who knows?”, asked Mark, referring to the fact that Piastri had taken over from McLaren. Daniel Ricciardo.

Regarding such a replacement, unfortunately, Webber said that the young F2 champion in 2021 was considered, but Ricciardo’s departure from McLaren was imminent.

“[A McLaren seria] Good opportunity for Oscar to start. Of course he considered taking Daniel’s place [Ricciardo]there is no doubt. [Mas] he knows that if it wasn’t him, it could have been someone else,” said Webber.

“He knows he should have run this year [2022]. That was a big problem. He tried it for a few days, but drivers need to run, and it was making him feel bad. They [McLaren] they wanted. This is the first step. It made a huge difference. It is important to be sought and to be very clear about what the plan is,” concluded Piastri’s agent.

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