Weblog Bas – God costs half a million

Weblog Bas – God costs half a million

Half a million! Now don’t start bashing those rich idiots right away. I understand the desirability of Rolls-Royce. I have ridden several and that was special. But I am sober for that nonsense or I know very well what is being sold. I’ll just sit and compare the bad Netherlands. Here in the northeast of the country, surrounded by beautiful nature, you can buy 150 square meters of living pleasure and garden hell for half a million euros. You have ten Ioniq 5 for it, big and stylish and quiet as well. I have selected the BMW i7 on the Bucket List for a week, for a maximum of two tons, not less than the Phantom CoupĂ© for three times.

Apples and pears, I know. The Rolls man is not Dutch. He lives differently. He is from Dubai and is worth three billion. He doesn’t read comparison tests in car magazines. He is always right, he knows everything for sure. He thinks he has the best car in the world for only five tons.

He also doesn’t feel like paying attention to the little ones. That’s why it wouldn’t even be i7 if it surpassed the Spirit in every way. He wants more expensive. It’s not just money laundering. New money has no history. It longs for an emotional connection with the real tradition. It’s looking for inheritance, the legend of the ancient continent, the symbol of royalty and ancient wealth, solid. That is, in short, why a wealthy Egyptian bought the Harrods department store in London in 1985, and why Rolls-Royce bought a store in Dubai last year. private office open to customers.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Rolls-Royce business model.

Because Rolls-Royce is a belief that stands for the supreme as in the two major religions in the world, God or Allah. Just as believers don’t ask for proof because they know for sure, the Rolls customer doesn’t want to know if his car is the best. God cost half a million, the price is proof. With a little personalization, His Proclaimed Holiness from head to toe is yours.

You may find that unfortunate. But it is unique, a store that runs purely on dazzle. It’s a beautiful childlike magic in a world without mystery. Wreck a Rolls-Royce, and you will kill faith in the car as a haven for heavenly happiness.

Europe’s new wealth will only go to the i7 this year. Also in heaven on earth. But we are not like that anymore. We conclude after comparative research: this is the best. We are not believers, we block our gut feelings with good calculations. A new sense of business will break the myth of the upper class. When the last drunkenness has passed, we also go to the Ioniq 5 with two tons in our back pocket. And then we are lost forever.

Congratulations Rolls Royce. Drive people crazy while you can. Although this modest Dutchman bursts into laughter at every endless press release. And while we’re on the phone, call me soon about that electric Spectre. I can’t wait!

Bass van Putten


Bas van Putten is a writer and columnist for various newspapers and magazines. His roots are in music, but his heart has been in cars for years.