Website Calls This North Louisiana City Ugliest in the State

Website Calls This North Louisiana City Ugliest in the State

Inhabitants of a North Louisiana metropolis have sounded an dissent after a website characterized the city as the “most unsightly in the state.”

The website, which has not been publicly identified, has incited the ire of the North Louisiana city’s inhabitants who have bemoaned its “untoward” rating. The furore has been such that the mayor of the city, who remains unnamed, has issued a vehement rebuttal of the website’s assessment.

In a statement, the mayor asserted that the city is “rich in culture and history” and that its citizens “take pride in its beauty.” The mayor went on to aver that the website’s denunciation of the city’s aesthetics is “unwarranted and unjustified.”

Several North Louisiana residents have concurred with the mayor’s appraisal and have taken to social media to decry the website’s description of their city. “It’s an affront to our community and its people,” one user wrote, while another proclaimed that the city “is a source of immense pride and joy for its inhabitants.”

The website’s aspersion of the city’s visage has prompted local politicians to call for it to be “held to account” for its “unflattering” characterization of the metropolis. Furthermore, the mayor has implored citizens of the city to continue to “take pride in its appearance” and to “overcome the website’s disparaging remarks.”

In response to the uproar the website has caused, its administrators have remained silent, refusing to amend or retract the opinion they have expressed.

Despite the website’s tone-deafness, the citizens of the North Louisiana city are determined to maintain their city’s reputation as one of beauty, and have vowed to reject the website’s “erroneous” verdict.