WEC.  6 Hours of Imola 2024: Toyota and Porsche win, Ferrari bad.  Valentino Rossi on the podium in LMGT3 – News

WEC. 6 Hours of Imola 2024: Toyota and Porsche win, Ferrari bad. Valentino Rossi on the podium in LMGT3 – News

2024 6 Hours of Imola concluded Toyota #7 Kobayashi wins Porsches. Ferrari disaster due to strategy. BMW double in LMGT3 with Valentino Rossi on the WEC podium for the first time

April 21, 2024

SI finished 6 Hours of Imola 2024second appointment of FIA World Endurance Championship after the introduction of Qatar. The race had unchanging weather conditions that turned all the tables on the division Hypercar That LMGT3. Rain and sun, in fact, took turns on the songEnzo and Dino Ferrari Racing, causing the team’s strategy to change several times. The Imola race saw the victory of Toyota in the Hypercar above Porsche officers, time Ferrari has ruined his dreams of glory, due to the departure of the first three positions by 499P #50, #83 and #51, due to incorrect strategy. In LMGT3Instead of, double for Team WRT. The first podium of work in WEC for Valentino Rossi and BMW M4 number #46.

In categories Hypercar the winner was Toyota’s number #7 who managed to get the best result in the finals after a fierce battle with Porsche 963 #6. Initially the gap between the two cars was only 2 seconds, which later became 7 to one penalty given to the Stuttgart team by passing under the Vehicle Security system. Also on the podium, in third place Penske Motorsport Porsche #5, thus confirming the leadership in the position of the builders of the German team and the world with the crew of #6. However, those who are licking their wounds are the Maranello cars which, after the qualifying round ended with the first three positions, ended the race. fourth place with Ferrari 499P number #50time #51 in seventh place and #83, privately managed by AF-Corse, only eighth. What turned the tables on the dancing horse was the rain and the strategy implemented by the team, which took the Hypercars to the track with slicks, while their opponents had already chosen wet tires. As the rain intensified, the three cars had to return to the pits to put on wet tires just three laps after the pit stop.

Qthe same position for another car Toyotanumber #8which preceded it BMW M Hybrid V8 #20the protagonist of the best race, time #15however, it is closed last chance after the bold contact made at the beginning. Suspension damage forced the German team’s car to waste several laps in the garage, ruining the race even before the first lap was completed. Ninth place for Peugeot #9, making a debut on the track with a new version and the beginning of the rear wing. Kumi A Cadillac #2 Followed by Jota team’s personal Porsche 963 #38,, Lamborghini #63 and Iron Lynxl’Alpine #35twin Which is #12 and another Peugeot #94. The last three places forAlpine #36,, Isotta Fraschini #11 and another WRT BMW team number #15. Retirement, however, for the #99 of Proton Racing for communication and obstacles at the end of the 6 Hours of Imola.

In categories LMGT3 he won BMW of the WRT team number #31 con Farfus, Gelael and Leung. The German company also got the second place and Number 46 of Valentino Rossi, Martin and Al Harthy. For the nine-time MotoGP world champion, a home hero here in Imola, this was it first career podium in the FIA ​​WEC. Third place for Porsche 911 #992 LMGT3 R di Manthey Pure Rxcing which precedes Ferrari 296 GT3 #55 by Vista AF Corsetime #54 only 12th after a mistake at the start. Fifth place for Aston Martin Vantage #27 in Heart of RacingFollowed by McLaren #95 at United Motorsportand two TF Sport #81 and #82 Corvettes,, Ford Mustang #77 in Proton Racingl’Aston Martin #777 at D’Station Racing and McLaren #59 at United Motorsport. They conclude No. 54 Vista AF Corse,, Lamborghini Huracan LMGT3 Evo #60 and Iron Lynx,, Lexus RC F #78 #87 di Akkodis ASP Team and Porsche 911 GT3 #91 di Manthey EMA. Take to Lamborghini #85 of Steel Dams and Ford #88 Proton Racing.