Weekend overview: (episode) headlines and more – 073voetbal.nl

Weekend overview: (episode) headlines and more – 073voetbal.nl

DEN BOSCH – Avanti’31 and RKVSC are champions, Nemelaer also a very good paper after a big win, Nooit Gedacht and RKKSV can celebrate the season championship, EVVC and Alem still enter the playoffs and there is no seasonal dessert for Schijndel.

The first cards are finally shuffled. In classes 2 G, 3E, 4E and 5B, the final round resulted in several decisions. They also fell in other competitions, although a number of question marks remain. Stay tuned, because once again we have a complete recap of the weekend and all the (upcoming) denouements.

The first step
Last Tuesday, RKVSC – Ophemert ‘finally’ started again. The fight suddenly took on an extra charge because Velddriel could still be champion. The first action was taken against Ophemert. Jimmy Floor managed all of Velddriel’s production and RKVSC won 4-0.

Goalkeepers scoring
FC Den Bosch closed the competition on Friday evening with a 3-0 defeat by De Graafschap. FCK/De Hommel did so by losing 2-10 against ASV LEBO. Strangely, FCK’s goals were scored by goalkeepers: Coen Burg and Jay Verstappen. Burg scored first, saved a penalty, but also received a red card. That’s why Verstappen (now the goalkeeper of Real Lunet, Nivo Sparta next season) was allowed to take a seat under the goal and he scored immediately.

But 2 more points
In class 1 D, Nivo Sparta got a very important win in Bennekom. Thanks to Dennis van Meurs and Ilias Zaimi it was 1-2 and with that Nivo is not directly relegated. It might even avoid the playoffs. Number 8 Almkerk, visiting Zaltbommel next week, has only 2 points more, so a win is enough for the implementation. After a 1-2 win at GVV’63, the BLC season will end after next week. Karma Sando Tsang scored twice. DBN’22 lost the ‘summer game’ against Rood Wit Veldhoven 5-2 (Hamed Hashimi and Karim El Barkaoui).

Still hope
OJC Rosmalen can still hope for a place in the Second Division after a 2-1 win against Quick Den Haag (Daan van Tooren and Dennis Knuiman). In principle, the third period is still possible, but OJC must win (preferably well) next week against UDI’19 which is already relegated and wait for other results.

Writing history
Nemelaer was already handling the goal difference. Next week could make history with promotion to the Fourth Division. In 2012 and 2022 things went wrong at the last minute, but now it doesn’t seem to go wrong again. FC Boshuizen from Leiden was beaten 8-0 with four goals from Joeri Vugts, two from Jasper van Venrooij and goals from Luuk Vermeer and Geert van de Ven. The championship can be reached on Sunday in the new club of the current head coach Theo van Geffen, Erp. Nemelaer is tied with Kruisland, but leads with 9 goals.

But eighty minutes

After last week’s defeat, Emlina did not go further than 0-0 against Uno Animo in 2D. The fight between the relegated players, Real Lunet – Helvoirt, ended with a great victory 4-1 against Vughtenaren (Enes Sonay (2), Kiley Thijs, Franklin Garlo and Rico de Laat. The game lasted only eighty minutes, because the referee he was injured. In consultation it was decided not to play the remaining minutes. CHC was free, but due to the results in other fields, it is still not sure to place the class.

The season is over for Schijndel. In Eendracht’30 surprisingly suffered a heavy defeat of 4-0 by the yellow ones so they have to give up the title of the period and the knockout matches.

Zwaluw VFC showed their muscles again, this time against old rival Nieuwkuijk: 1-5. Milan van Esch gave the home side the lead, but through Martin de Laat (2), Steffan Moes, Tommy Kreté and Rick van Maasakkers, the 3C champion once again emphasized who was in charge in this department this season.

Thanks to Delano van Boxtel, BVV secured a surprising 1-0 win against ZIGO and are suddenly in a safe eighth place. FC Engelen is safe anyway after a 2-1 win over DVG. Now he’s the new No. 3 and suddenly has another playoff on his hands. Next week, direct competitor ZIGO awaits in Tilburg. Goals from Marijn van Rijswijk and Quinten Vorstenbosch ensure that DVG have to play to stay in the class.

Fight for/against post competition
DBN’22 won, for the first time in Hambaken, 4-1 against RKDVC and so now they meet in sixth place. Bas van Zeelst (2), Jordy Gutte and Giovanni Librizzi scored for Bosschenaren, Simon van der Werff for RKDVC. After a late win against ODC (2-1, Koen Sleutjens, Dave Treuren and Ayoub Omair), Haarsteeg has now moved up to 5th place, in any case it is safe and can also enter another playoff. ODC must win next week, otherwise they will have to enter the 3rd/4th division playoffs. The match between the relegated players in this class, FC Tilburg against Vlijmense Boys, ended in a draw: 0-0.

Head in style
In 3E the championship was already decided, but Avanti won against Alem (2-0) and celebrated the title in style. Teun Kuijpers and Luc van den Hurk scored for Schijndelnaren, who are back in the second division for the first time since 2011 and will play a derby with Schijndel again next year. Margriet did her job at Nuland (0-3), but she should settle for 2nd place.

Episode I haven’t thought about it

Then the battle for position 3. Who will take the Avanti period? EVVC won both sides with Den Dungen (who were in the standings) and no less than 4-0 (Gerwin van den Boom, Luuk Verbij, Rob van Dijk and Pim van der Doelen) and they can try to come back within a year. for class 2. For Den Dungen, promotion remains a dream at the moment, because after a 1-4 win against Schadewijk, Nooit Gedacht qualified as the third and last team for the promotion play-off. They won the third period. Thijn Vos, Rik van Roosmalen, Wouter Bijveld and Perry van Herpen scored.

Enter the post competition
So Alem and Schadewijk lost in the relegation battle and it was a matter of waiting to see what the competitors did. VESTA’19 lost to SBC, but Vorstenbossche Boys beat DSC (3-4, Bas Glorius, Bjorn Steenbekkers and Tim Coset) and thus remain in the third division. Schadewijk and Alem should enter the knockout stage, VESTA is automatically relegated.

A chance to promote BMC
BMC got the last playoff ticket in class 4 E. It won 2-3 against Teisterbanders and Joost Mathijssen (2) and Dennis van de Ven, so Wilhelmina’s result was no longer important. Canary they were also beaten 3-0 by Elshout. RKKSV, already assured of the playoffs, took the third period after a 5-2 win against Jan van Arckel. Niels Corten (2), Jimmy Hogenbosch, Rick de Laak and Max van Heumen, Brian van der Steen and Nick van Velzen scored. Maliskamp closed the competition with a 2-2 draw against Wadenoijen, who have been relegated as a result. Günther van Meurs and Jens Kaan were right.

Essche Boys safe
The WEC certainly played it safe in 4G and can still hope for fourth place, which could lead to more playoffs. At Pusphaira it was 0-2 thanks to Rick Vos and Sjoerd van Aarle. Essche Boys are also safe. It was lost 2-0 by Avesteyn, but because Irene lost 3-0 to VOW, the people of Esschen are also assured of the 4th division next season. Boxtel, who were already relegated, treated the home crowd to a 5-0 thrashing of fellow relegated Woenselse Boys (Mitchell Vogels, Lars van Hamond, a superb one from Jelle Breuer, David Owichukwu and Hayke van Heesch).

RKVSC first matches

Denouement in the 5B blistering championship race fell prey to RKVSC. The club from Velddriel had already committed itself, but suddenly it became possible again, and it happened. Hurwenen, leader HRC’14 was beaten 1-2. Raoel Noijen put RKVSC ahead, the home side equalized from the spot after eighty minutes, but five minutes from time Paolo Figueiredo Barbosa headed in the match winner. So the veteran made sure that Velddriel becomes the champion for the first time after 28 years and will play for the first time in the 4th class.

There was a battle for another title in 5B. The decision of the third period was fought in a direct duel between Hedel and BZS. Unfortunately for the team of departed coach Nicki Beekwilder, Beusichem won 0-2, ending the season for Hedel. It ranks fifth.

Quite the denouement

Next week the final performances of the competition. Then our focus is on: Nivo Sparta – Almkerk, UDI’19 – OJC Rosmalen, Erp – Nemelaer, Gilze – CHC, ZIGO – FC Engelen, Vlijmense Boys – Haarsteeg, RKDVC – Nieuwkuijk, ODC – DBN’28, SCG’ – FC Tilburg, Zwaluw VFC – BVV and WEC – Boxtel.

Photo: Annie Sterks | Ludo Servais Petra vs. Bogaard