Weekend road overview – May 2023 – Tygodnik Piski

Weekend road overview – May 2023 – Tygodnik Piski

Summary of the weekend on Pisz roads: 1 accident, 3 collisions, 2 drunk drivers, a driver who lost his driving license for speeding and a minor behind the wheel.

On Friday (May 5 this year) before 10.00 on the national road number 63 between Pisz and Jeżemi there was a road accident. There were two vehicles involved. According to the initial information of the police officers, the driver of the Dacia car was driving from Pisz towards the town of Jeże. He wanted to turn left towards Borek. But he wasn’t sure enough if he could do the trick safely. While turning, the Skoda driver who was driving from the Jeży side hit it. The Dacia was driven by a 63-year-old resident of Pisz. The Skoda Felicja was driven by a 65-year-old resident of Kolno. Both were sober and traveling alone. The man was taken to hospital. Police officers explain the reasons and circumstances of this incident.

Last weekend, the police arrested two drunk drivers. The first of them was inspected on Saturday (May 6 this year) at noon in Orzysz district. It was an Opel car driven by a 40-year-old resident of this town. The man had more than 3 per mille of alcohol in his system and did not have a driver’s license. Therefore he will be responsible for two actions. One of them is a crime punishable by up to 2 years in prison. The second is an offense for which he is liable to imprisonment, restriction of liberty or a fine of not less than PLN 1,500. The 53-year-old driver of a Skoda Fabia was also driving without a license, being stopped for inspection on Sunday (May 7 this year) after 15.00 in Ruciane – Nida.
A second drink driver was detained for questioning by police officers on Saturday after 10pm. 20.00 in the village of Drygały. It was a Volkswagen car driven by a 43-year-old resident of Biała Piska district. The driver had about 0.5 per mille of alcohol in his body. The officers confiscated his driver’s license.

A 28-year-old resident of Ełk, driving a Kia, also lost his driving privileges. Sunday before 10.00 am he was driving through Drygały at a speed of 104 km/h while the speed limit is 50 km/h. For that offense he was punished by the police with a fine of PLN 1,500 and 13 penalty points.
A surprise for the police was the driver of a Volkswagen Sharan car that was stopped by the road control on Friday before midnight in Pisz. The car was driven by a 16-year-old resident of the city. The young man was sober. Because of his age, he did not have a driving license. As it turned out, he took the keys from his parents without their knowledge or consent. He will now answer in the family and children’s court.

A safe picnic on the road

May is behind us, which passed very safely on the roads and waters of Piski district. Traffic police officers worked at the scene of 1 road accident, 8 collisions and detained two drunk drivers and a driver who lost his driving license because he was driving at a speed of 108 kilometers per hour in a built-up area. There were also fines for those using electric scooters. It was calm on the lakes, although the water marshals had one unusual intervention.

Road and water police officers checking the safety of residents and tourists resting during a picnic in Pisz district. May long weekend can be considered very safe.
On the roads of Pisz poviat, police officers recorded 1 road accident, which happened on Sunday (April 30 this year) on the road Pisz Ruciane – Nida. The Opel driver forced the right lane to the motorcyclist who was driving on the national road correctly. The 43-year-old motorcyclist was taken to the hospital. The officers, during the party, also worked at the scene of 8 road accidents and detained two drivers after drinking alcohol. One of them broke a court ban on driving, and the other had his license revoked.
During the May weekend, police officers carried out 299 road checks, paying particular attention to the movement of drivers. They stopped 91 speeding drivers. One of them even lost his driving license for exceeding the speed limit in a built-up area. It was Tuesday (2 May this year) after 11.00 in the village of Mikosze in the municipality of Orzysz. Police officers stopped a Ford vehicle there for roadside control, which had 108 km/h on the odometer while the speed limit was 50 km/h. The car was driven by a 36-year-old resident of Gdynia. For this offence, the police confiscated his driving license and fined him PLN 1,500. In addition, 13 penalty points were added to the driver’s account.
For a few days in Pisz you can rent an electric scooter. Therefore, police officers pay special attention to the drivers of these vehicles in accordance with traffic regulations. All this to make it safe and prevent incidents involving them. The police have already fined two errant electric motorcycle riders. One of them received a PLN 50 fine from the officers for driving close to another traffic participant. The second person was fined PLN 300 for transporting another person.

It was also safe in our milk

Police soldiers made sure it was safe when they were on duty at the lakes in Pisz, Orzysz and Ruciane-Nida. The water was calm, although on Tuesday (May 2 this year) the police received a very unusual report. on lake Nidzkie, a huge jetty broke away from the shore, which flowed into the lake, threatening sailors. The sailors immediately went into action. It was a bridge with a length of 30 meters and a weight of several tons. They attached him to the police boat, but it was a very difficult task due to his size. At that time, firefighters from the Pisz State Fire Service came to their rescue and helped the police tow the platform to the beach where it left. In this way, the quick and effective intervention of the police and firemen prevented the tragedy in the lake. Safety at the lakes in the Orzysz district was managed by water police who were on duty together with rescuers from the “Podwodnik” Association. This is the beginning of this year’s cooperation on the Orzyskie lakes.
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