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Weekly overview Defense activities | News | Ulinzi.nl

News | 10-05-2023 | 12:00

Fortunately, President Zelensky’s visit, National Remembrance Day and Liberation Day celebrations passed without incident. This was thanks to the Defense Explosive Disposal Service. Together with his colleagues from the Defense Diving Group, he was ready to clear suspicious objects. Summary of Defense activities in the period 4 to 9 May 2023.

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File photo of explosive disposal in action

Of course, ‘normal’ work also continued. Across the country, military experts detected 69 explosive devices. In addition, the workers of the mine hunter Zr.Ms. Vlaardingen 2 more bombs in the sea.


The Stinger air defense unit temporarily reinforces the international organization battle group in Lithuania. This is done with the future in mind, with new air defense batteries supporting infantry units. In the Baltic state it is good to teach together. The squad has 18 vehicles, including 5 Stinger Weapon Platform Fennecs. This is a wheeled armored vehicle with a 4-barrel launcher on the roof.

The situation in Ukraine shows how important it is to have a good air defense. That is why the Stinger force will also participate in a major international exercise starting next week Iron Wolf.

Since 2017, the Netherlands has contributed to NATO’s forward presence (eFP) in Lithuania. Currently there are 270 to 300 soldiers. The force is in the Baltic country to show that NATO stands by and shows solidarity with the people of Lithuania.

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Lotus was injured after the fuel truck exploded.


11 people were injured in the truck explosion. Dutch soldiers are training their French, Romanian and Luxembourg counterparts on procedures if several people are injured (‘many casualties‘).

A few hundred meters ahead, French infantry fighting vehicles and Leclerc tanks enter the training area. The Dutch Red Berets are ready to take out enemy equipment. Other skills are also taught. Think about the provision of fire support and weapons and the supply of troops.

Some 140 Dutch troops in Romania are part of NATO’s advanced presence there. The international unit army prepares for all possible situations through training. This is done so that they can defend NATO territory in Romania if necessary.

Defense of the NATO area

The armed forces make ships, military units and aircraft available for the first major task of the Ministry of Defense: the defense of the NATO agreement area. See an overview of the Dutch military’s contribution to NATO.

Training Ukraine

About 65 soldiers from the army provide basic training to Ukrainian soldiers in the UK on a large scale.

Under the banner of EU Military Assistance Mission (EUMAM) The Netherlands also sends 2 officials to the headquarters in Brussels. In addition, 6 soldiers are working on the mission Special Training Command in German Strausberg and 1 in Polish Zagan. This officer is working Joint Arms Training Command.

Ongoing activities abroad:

  • From Erbil, 3 soldiers are working as advisers to the Kurdish army in the fight against ISIS. To Mission Headquarters (Natural Solution of Operations) in Kuwait, 2 Dutch staff officers have also been added. In addition, 1 is located in Baghdad. In Iraq, the Netherlands is also participating in the NATO capacity-building mission with five troops (NATO mission in Iraq) is intended to advise the security industry. It is National Support Feature supports deployment to Baghdad and Erbil.
  • The investigative and investigative team investigates war crimes in Ukraine.
  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4 Dutch staff officers contribute European Army (EUFOR Althea). Committed to political and social stability.
  • Three staff officers are still working in Bamako for the Minusma mission in Mali. 1 soldier helps the Germans in Gao. In addition, the Netherlands is supplying 4 officers and 2 Marechaussees for the police part within the mission. In addition, 4 Dutch soldiers in Mali are supporting the European training mission EUTM.
  • Dutch soldiers support German troops in Slovakia A patriotunits. Air defense systems protect critical objects from potential threats from the air. This is happening in the context of NATO and has everything to do with the war in Ukraine.
  • Zr. Mrs. Van Amstel is sailing Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1). This is one of the 4 NATO ships that can be deployed at speed. They are entirely available for work from within the union.
  • Zr. Mrs. Holland is on its way back to Holland. It was operating as a station ship in the Caribbean. There it was used, among other things, for the tasks of the coast guard and countermeasuresactivity.
  • His soldiers Marine Corps of the so-called ship form vessel protection units. These regularly protect Dutch ships against piracy in the Gulf of Aden.
  • The Dutch military is involved in a peacekeeping mission in the Middle East. It is about, among other things United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (Undo), United Nations Organization for the Administration of Arbitration (Untso) and United Nations Transitional Force in Lebanon (Unifil).
  • In Jerusalem and Ramallah, 6 Dutch people are involved in US Security Coordinator (USSC). It consists of 3 civilians and 3 military personnel. The USSC mission focuses on expertise in the Palestinian security sector. The USSC wants to contribute to the existence of a stable Palestinian state. The United States coordinates the mission.
  • Dutch soldiers also contribute to various headquarters and forward mission positions. The uniforms have been sent personally to the Spaniards cycle (European Union Naval Forces), Bahrain (Joint Marine ForcesAbu Dhabi (Strait of Hormuz controlled by Europe), Tunisia (European Relations and Planning Center Tunis) (for civilian), Kosovo (EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo) and Qatar (Natural Solution of Operations)

Internal activities/activities:

  • Dutch airspace is monitored 24/7 by air combat command from Air Traffic Control Center New Milligen. For the security of the entire Benelux, the Dutch and Belgian F-16s are used alternately. Currently, the work is in the Netherlands.
  • Defense contributes to the reception of Ukrainian and Afghan refugees and asylum seekers from other countries. This takes place in Zeist and in the Harskamp camp in Ede.
  • The military supports the police in guarding and protecting Amsterdam’s most secure court (Bunker). A process called Marengo and Eris takes place here, among other things.