Wejo and Ford use Combined Car Data across Europe to Enable End-to-End Insurance Versions.

Wejo and Ford use Combined Car Data across Europe to Enable End-to-End Insurance Versions.

The partnership gives insurers across Europe access to linked car data

Wejo Group Limited (NASDAQ: WEJO), a global leader in Smart Mobility cloud solutions and integrated, automated and automotive data software, today announced a partnership with Ford Motor Company in Europe that will give Wejo access to vehicle data personalized connection from Ford. vehicles scattered across the continent. This supports the provision of data and knowledge to insurance providers using user information for comprehensive insurance. Insurers can also use the data to better understand driving behavior and increase efficiency, including reducing fraud.

“Providing usable data knowledgeable to insurance service providers is another example of how Wejo expands to other markets and showcases new OEMs application areas and insurance companies to monetize integrated car data revenue on a permanent basis,” Richard Barlow, The founder and CEO of Wejo said. “We will continue to work with partners such as Ford and OEMs for other vehicles to look beyond insurance to identify all areas of integrated vehicle data applications.”

As part of this partnership, Wejo uses Ford’s process of end-to-end data authorization, which allows the insurance company to obtain customer consent to access personalized car data, such as car location, speed and miles. Once approved, the approval is returned to Ford via Wejo to provide data for analysis and knowledge. Integrated vehicle data (CVD) is returned to the insurer to create end-to-end car insurance policies that appeal to the client based on safe operation or limited distance.

Graeme Stevens, Manager, Third-Party Empowerment at Ford Europe, said: “At Ford, we believe in the ability to use integrated car data. The knowledge that our vehicles and customers can give us, with full approval, allows us to better understand driving behavior. “We want to continue to show how we can improve the driving experience across Europe through integration.”

The partnership focuses on specific databases designed specifically for comprehensive insurance in Europe. These data sets, combined with Wejo’s extensive capabilities and experience in translating historical and real-time integrated vehicle data, including more than 76.7 billion trips collected so far from approximately 13 million connected vehicles, provide access to knowledge and understanding for This depth also promotes the promise of permanent data.

“What sets Wejo apart from other data service providers working in this space is that Wejo has a broader perspective on how, where and when integrated car data can be used in many business areas,” said Matt Bialuk, vice president of Dealer. and Insurance. Solutions at Wejo. “Our experience of real-time traffic monitoring, edge processing and vehicle movement allows us to see larger images so we can help organizations see the value they can achieve using CVD.”

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Wejo Group Limited is a global leader in cloud and software analysis for connected, electric and automotive vehicles, transforming the way we live, work and travel by transforming and interpreting historical and real-time vehicle data. Wejo facilitates the efficient mobility of Smart Mobility for Good ™ by organizing trillions of data points collected from approximately 13 million vehicles and 76.7 billion trips so far, through multiple structures and structures, then streamlining the flow of such data on a large scale and improving. Wejo works with ethical companies and organizations, with the same intention to transform that data into knowledge that unlocks value to consumers. With more detailed data, information and knowledge, Wejo creates a better, safer and more sustainable world for everyone. Founded in 2014, Wejo employs more than 300 people and has offices in Manchester, UK and places where Wejo does business around the world. For more information, visit: www.wejo.com or contact us LinkedInTwitter and Instagram

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