what a discount!  But you have to hurry

what a discount! But you have to hurry

THE Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are stylish and stunning earphones, designed to provide all-day comfort and premium sound. They are presented in a stylish case that adds a touch of style. These headphones use AKG technology, a Grammy Award winner, as well as providing continuous noise cancellation. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in your music, eliminating external distractions and unwanted chatter.

Normally offered for €69, today these elegant and high-end phones from Samsung openers be yours for just €43. But you have to hurry, because the ad units are already sold out. Do not miss them and put them in your car immediately: you will receive them at home tomorrow.

With Galaxy Buds Live, you can enjoy more music and wait less. They offer up to 21 hours of playback thanks to their autonomy and, in addition, fast wireless charging allows you to charge them quickly and immediately return to listening to your favorite music. It is important to note that the battery must be below 30% to take advantage of fast charging. The goal of Galaxy Buds Live is to provide convenience. You can simply tap on the headphones to pause, play or skip audio tracks.

Plus, you can pair them with your Galaxy Watch3 and control your playlists right from your wrist. As far as calls are concerned, the Galaxy Buds Live has three microphones that ensure the calls are made. Two external microphones handle ambient noise cancellation, allowing the other microphone to pick up your voice clearly. The dimensions of the earphones are 27.3 x 16.5 x 14.9 mm, while the case measures 50.2 x 50.0 x 27.8 mm. This compact size and stylish case make it easy to carry and store Galaxy Buds Live. Currently, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are available locally offer on Amazon at a price of 43€providing an affordable opportunity to buy high quality earphones.

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