What are the problems with the Polestar 2?

What are the problems with the Polestar 2?

“Hey, I’m thinking of buying Polestar 2 2023. I find the effort of the manufacturer to reduce environmental pollution during the production of the car interesting. However, I hear all kinds of stories and wonder what the known problems with the car are. – Jan Martineau


Information. The Polestar 2 arrived on the Canadian market at the end of 2020. Currently, we have just over two years to look at the car and its technology. Therefore it is always difficult for us to fully and firmly express an opinion about its real reliability. However, although the 2 is young, there are some issues and weaknesses that emerge over time and with use from users who own the car.

In terms of the design itself, the Polestar 2 comes with its share of compromises. Most important is the space at the front, which has been cut to a large extent by a large central cone. The latter is very pleasant, but not very ergonomic and takes up a lot of space. In the same vein, the placement of the cups is a fault in itself with their position below the front people’s elbow.

Back, the space is limited to the head, and visibility is completely reduced. Claustrophobes will not like to be there. Speaking of familiarity, the rear hatch is very practical, but the width of the window is very limited. In addition, the headrests of the bench seat further limit the vision. This is a case where design has taken precedence over practicality. In general, depending on your size and despite the possibility of a glass roof, you can feel the effect of compression on the board.

What many owners have seen

There is one thing that is obvious, and that is the frequent failure of the screen and the infotainment system. Despite the “improvements” and updates, this add-on remains problematic. It’s always annoying, runs slow, crashes and needs a reboot. Really annoying across the board. Unfortunately, this screen controls almost all the controls on the board. Then it becomes difficult to ensure just the operation of various devices. In this line, the rear camera and its display are often the victims of its failure. Other devices like Spotify, Apple CarPlay also pass there by random dependence and correlation. Polestar has successfully used Google, but it’s clear that the app isn’t designed for fun and low-end performance. It’s no secret that the reliability of electronic components on board Swedish products is often at the receiving end when it comes to reliability. Unfortunately, electrification will not have alleviated this problem. Instrument goes there, good key too.

The quality of materials and parts also seems to be a source of problems. The black inserts on the board, especially on the console, wear quickly and show scuff marks. Also, it is not uncommon to hear occasional explosions from different places. I myself, during various tests of the Polestar 2, heard creaks, but different from one car to another.

One of the features that also annoys many users is the lack of clear and accurate cooperation regarding the actual range during start-up, energy management and balance of the remaining range while driving. Polestar would benefit from providing more precision and more general information about power management. In terms of energy consumption, the Polestar 2 is a product that uses significantly more kilowatt-hours/100 km than the competition, especially Tesla 3. This is an important point to consider.

Polestar 2 is a very interesting product, but one that still needs tweaking. The problems listed are not common to all cars produced. Every Polestar 2 seems to have its own formula for problems, and it’s a situation that is difficult for the manufacturer to solve. When there is a problem, the manufacturer addresses it and fixes it. For Polestar, a variety of problems make it difficult to see this situation going away.

Is Polestar reliability worse than other luxury brands? Nope. Do we still have 2 under consideration? Absolutely yes. Therefore, we recommend that you wait a little while before jumping to this manufacturer.

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