What do these Lamborghini scent sticks smell like?  For money?

What do these Lamborghini scent sticks smell like? For money?

It’s yours for 190 euros: Special Edition Diffuser 1000 ml Automobili Lamborghini. And then we are not talking about the aerodynamically optimized rear bumper, but about a set of smell sticks.

Ferrari keeps horses everywhere and makes more money than sports cars, so Lamborghini tries too. Of course there are model cars, t-shirts and key chains, but now you can also smell Lamborghini at home.

What do Lamborghini scent sticks smell like?

Culti Milano scent sticks with the Lamborghini logo on them are not cheap. You buy a bottle for 190 Euros. But what do you smell then? Twin cylinder exhaust fumes? The papery smell of a pile of cash? dry lime the smell of a gram of cocaine?

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No, Lamborghini seems to smell of grapes, oranges, bergamot and cedar wood. This Special Edition, which has been created with illustrator Francesca Poroli, tells a “modern, contemporary story” in a “passionate and unusual way”, according to Lamborghini. Yes, because nothing says ‘unusual’ better than perfume sticks which you can also buy at Hema…

Minimal impact on the environment

Anyway, let’s stop arguing for now. Mr. Poroli has drawn a beautiful box, with strong lines that should remind you of Lamborghini. Illustrations are printed on paper with a special inkjet printer for the lowest impact on the environment. Because if Lamborghini is known for anything…

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