What?  do you have video games stored in the attic?  Run and check it out because some are as valuable as a gold mine

What? do you have video games stored in the attic? Run and check it out because some are as valuable as a gold mine

You have installed video games on attic-proiezionidiborsa.it

Among the items that collectors are increasingly coveting are certainly video games, especially vintage ones produced in limited quantities. In this article we will look at some whose value today exceeds 5 digits.

History of video gamesas we know, it started in the 70s with the release of the first gaming systems, such as Atari And Magnavox Odyssey. In the following years, they have become more popular and have reached a wider audience, being appreciated by both adults and children.

The real boom came with PlayStation, Nintendo and other consoles

The real increase came with PlayStation, Nintendo and other console-proiezionidiborsa.it

A real boomhowever, registered with the advent of the most advanced gaming systems For example, Nintendo, Entertainment System, SegaGenesis, Playstation And so on. Thanks to the latter, video games have changed so much, in terms of graphics and complexity, that over the years they have become a form of international entertainment. And, with great consideration investment which attracts this market, it is not difficult to imagine that, in the near future, video games will be the main form of entertainment absolutely.

An industry that knows no problem, even for collectors

The video game industry, therefore, has grown exponentially in both quality and quantity. Right, now perhaps we are witnessing an overabundanceso much so that one of the main goals of game companies, at the moment, is to enter the market with a new and, possibly, original name.

Another one conduct The biggest growth in this industry, however, is around the sale, or exchange, of video games yield and rare. Basically, we are talking about a topic released decades ago and which, still today, enjoys great appeal not only among many. nostalgicbut also in i collectors!

What? do you have video games stored in the attic? Check their value now

For rare video games we refer to two types of names:

  • produced locally limited quantities/versions;
  • and those removed from the market for a variety of reasons, from inappropriate content to copyright infringement.

Video games that fall into these cases today may also have different values thousands of eurosif not millions In some cases. The reason for their value lies in their scarcity (demand exceeds supply) and their unavailability.

The highest selling video game was The Legend of Zelda

The video game sold at the highest price was “The legend of Zelda” -proiezionidiborsa.it

Among the most sought-after video games, at the moment, we recall for example “Air Raid”which is estimated to have a value between between €13,000 and €30,000. It is the only game developed for the Atari 2600 by Men-A-Vision. Released in 1982, its value is justified by the very small number of copies produced. Indeed, it is estimated that there have been he only did 12.

Another popular title is “Birthday Mania” which basically has the same market value as Air Raid. It was also developed for Atari 2600, the game did not get and, for this reason, there was produced very few copies. So, if you have video games stored in the attic, you just have to know their value and see if you can make money with them.

Finally, we conclude with one of the most popular video games in the world and which, in 2021, sold for more than $850,000. We are talking about “The Legend of Zelda”released for Nintendo NES in 1986. In this case, the sale refers to a cartridge that is still completely clean, never used and still in its original packaging.