What features does the new Xiaomi Smart Band 7 have?

What features does the new Xiaomi Smart Band 7 have?

Xiaomi has released its new fitness band – Smart Band 7. What is the next version of the most popular device of this type in the market?

If we care about our health and exercise a lot, we probably use some kind of support from an electronic device. Fitness bands have been the standard for years, they allow us to train more efficiently and effectively, and also – to learn a lot of important information about ourselves and our bodies. Moreover, every year the technology in those bands is more and more advanced, thanks to which they can help us more to take care of our health. The most popular series of such bands is Xiaomi’s Smart Band and it just so happens that a new model has entered the market.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 – what can it do?

The new Xiaomi Smart bAnd 7 is a lot of news. First of all – we have a bigger and better screen here, and also – a redesigned interface, thanks to which the band shows more information. In addition – Xiaomi currently supports 110 types of sports, from the basic ones such as cycling or running, to the less common ones, such as playing in the hall, skiing or snowboarding. All this is supported by sensors that measure our heart rate, blood oxygen and oxygen demand. More information about what you get when you buy the Smart Band 7 can be found in the latest episode on Antyweb TV.

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