What happened at Balmoral after the arrival of Prince Harry leaked.  “There was a clear division”

What happened at Balmoral after the arrival of Prince Harry leaked. “There was a clear division”

Prince Harry arrived at Balmoral on September 8 at 7:52 PM, more than an hour after Queen Elizabeth’s death was confirmed by Buckingham Palace. Foreign media reported that the ruler was the last to arrive, and left the castle in Scotland first, the next morning. According to Daily Mail, Meghan Markle’s husband has not even met her brother and father. A royal informant revealed that they were to be among them.

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What kind of king will Charles III be?

Prince Harry did not meet his brother and father on the day the Queen died. They were in the same place

As revealed by a royal insider in an interview with the Daily Mail, Prince Harry was not to see Prince William and King Charles III on the night of the Queen’s death. Although they were in the same place, they avoided each other and did not interact. Not only that, they were also required to eat differently.

That evening, there were two dinner parties at the royal estate and there was a clear division – one for the new king and his heir, the other for the whole family – the source revealed.

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King Charles III almost cried when he heard the national anthem. He could count on Camilla’s help

A few days later, at the request of William and Kate, Harry and his wife joined his brother and together paid tribute to Elizabeth II outside the walls of Windsor Castle. As royal expert Ingrid Seward says, meeting feuding siblings doesn’t necessarily resolve the conflict. Most of the British people are expecting, but as you can see, Prince William and Prince Harry still have a lot to work on.