What happens to Libero and Virgilio could change the email market

What happens to Libero and Virgilio could change the email market

At least nine million Italians have been unable to access their email addresses for several days. The company is working, but has not yet solved the problem. Opportunities for competitors (not just freebies)

Press releases follow each other, Italiaonline tries to assure customers but The unfortunate situation that, since the night of January 23, affects customers with Libero and Virgilio emails has not been resolved. From memory you do not remember a long-term problem with the main character such an important company. Behind the email service, there is an entire ecosystem that in the consumer segment alone reaches 27.2 million unique users every month, 22.3 million of them from mobile.. A large number for the Italian market.

Thanks to this success are also the historical users of Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail which should exceed 9 million according to the latest data. In fact, there are many Italians who have opened accounts with two well-known products that experienced their golden age in the early years of the Internet in our country. Loyal customers because they still use those services.

Italiaonline denies external attacks

“We have been working tirelessly for several hours now to solve an unexpected and unexpected infrastructure problem – said Diego Rizzi, Chief Technology Officer of Italiaonline – and which did not depend on the systems developed by Italiaonline. We can assure you, as written on our websites and touch points digital, that our users have been in this emergency situation, and will always continue to be our priority. The current situation is not dependent on offline attacks”.

In short, the problem should be internal. You don’t have a lot of details, which makes customers’ anger at being “locked out” of their inbox all the more frustrating. Including paying customers, except those using Libero Pec. At least that’s safe, but not a feature.

Who is behind the Italian giant

Last year the billionaire of history Naguib Sawiris, former owner of Wind, had decided to own all of Italiaonline. It was in June when Libero Acquisition, a company of the Orascom group, indirectly controlled by the Egyptian tycoon, completed the process that led to the Sawiris family indirectly controlling the entire share capital. A non-random choice to remain in the Italian market given that the company had inherited a large part of the history of the Italian internet.

“As we have had the opportunity to communicate with our users in these hours, in 25 years of loyal service to Italians, we have never been offline for so long,” writes the company in a tweet. A post that feels more like a white flag than anything else, reputation damage happens.

Vacancies, however, are often filled. A slogan that applies to politics and the internet. This prolonged indifference risks becoming an attractive opportunity for competitors who will be able to regain market share..

Do you have a chance to change email?

There is still no official data, but not a few users promise to change their main email address as soon as possible. Gmail will benefit from it which, even in its free version, has very low levels of distraction. Of course, there is the power (and strength) of Google behind it, but it can also be an opportunity for other suppliers. Maybe even those with paid services that seem like normal products but that often do a basic job: that of staying online as long as possible and offering contractual terms and refunds that will be adjusted in the event of dissatisfaction.

At the same time, among the endless comments on social networks, some insiders do not hide their surprise in confirming that, even today, in 2023, many Italians entrust the management of their emails to a free service. Although every year the numbers record the constant growth of company websites on the .it domain, there are not a few professionals and companies that still use e-mails created 20 years ago. Business cards speak for themselves, even if this weakness can change the use and behavior of professionals forever, forcing them to be more aware of the value of their communication. Unless you return them. “The service, once restored, will not cause any loss to the millions of Libero and Virgilio mail accounts”, reads one of the company’s first statements. Let’s hope.