What Happens When You Take a Honda Gold Wing Off Road in the Sand?

What Happens When You Take a Honda Gold Wing Off Road in the Sand?

At the end of August 2023, Enduro rider and YouTuber Matt Spears brought joy to the hearts of many people all over the internet when he had the crazy idea to strap his dirt bike to the back of a Honda Gold Wing, then take the ‘Wing off- road. The combination of Spears’ skill and the sense of joy she and her friends seemed to have in making it work is definitely what made the video so great.

It was clear that he had big plans in mind for the future of ‘Mrengo, but what would they be? It is now the beginning of October, and you will be glad to know that he has been working hard.

This time, he takes the song ‘Wing to buddy”s motocross for a fun day. Her boyfriend is with her on a 300cc dirt bike. If things go well, he says, they’ll try to do a drag race later—but first things first. One of the notable features of his friend’s mx track is that it has a good section of sand dunes.

Now, this may or may not surprise you, but no one makes commercially available paddle tires to fit the Honda Gold Wing. No worries, though—Spears picked up a tire for a Toyota Prius and had a custom tire manufacturer do his magic. We see the tire towards the beginning of the video, before it is mounted on the rear wheel of the ‘Wing. It looks the part—but how will it perform in the sand?

After all, we are talking about an 800 pound bike. That’s the combined weight of most dirt bikes. Even with that paddle tire on the back wheel, will it perform well in the sand? Spears is willing to give it a try, and she and her boyfriend brought a pair of pliers just in case — but even she doesn’t know if it’ll work or not.

Once they pull the truck into the driveway, and get the bike out the back, he takes it out for his first test in the sand. He tries a little but gets it going—then gets stuck after a while. Luckily, the dirt bike is there to go back to the truck and get a shovel to dig it out, because that rear wheel is dug deep.

After spending some time getting used to the grip on the bumps with that paddle tire, Spears notes that as long as he keeps up the speed, it works very well. His girlfriend is fascinated by the amount of roost things he gets on the thing, and it’s just laughter and amazement the whole way.

He gets stuck again, but it’s not a big deal as they can lay the bike on its side, put sand in the hole dug by the rear tire, and then turn off after riding the bike upright. They finally get a drag race, and probably already know what is happening. There’s also a jump at the end, but you’ll have to watch it to find out what happens.