What is the price in France for an electric SUV?

What is the price in France for an electric SUV?

Cadillac is opening French pre-orders for the Lyriq, a premium electric SUV that boasts 530 kilometers of range. Prices are high.

Cadillac returns to France with an electric car, the Lyriq. It is an elegant and attractive SUV, which is more than 5.00 meters long. It has two engines, with a total maximum power of 528 hp. The maximum torque is 610 Nm There is a 102 kWh battery (standard capacity) inside. The brand estimates freedom in a combined cycle of 530 km.

Two variants are available, Luxury and Sports. They actually differ in other visual fields. So the Sport has dark rims and the chrome trim takes on an anthracite look. The portion is fair and very generous. On board we find a 33-inch LED screen, Nappa leather upholstery, heated front seats, air conditioning and massage, heated rear seats, three-way air conditioning, panoramic glass roof, 19-channel sound system of high quality. .-speakers… Without forgetting the many driving aids, Cadillac remembering its desire to offer hands-free driving as soon as possible in Europe.

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The price of both variants is €81,200. It is expensive, but within the category standards. The Audi Q8 e-tron starts at €89,100 with a mileage of 479 km. The Mercedes EQE SUV starts at €84,900 with a mileage of 568 km, but only 245 hp.

Pre-booking will open on March 23, the website indicates that deliveries will begin around June. From March 25 to April 19, trials will be held from the Hotel Fauchon in Paris. The test drive sites will then move to different locations across France. Later this year, Cadillac will open a sales center in Paris.