What is the purpose of the revolutionary suspension that will equip Porsche’s future electric cars?

What is the purpose of the revolutionary suspension that will equip Porsche’s future electric cars?

Porsche has just announced that it has entered into a partnership with the American company ClearMotion for the development of its future chassis. So the next electric Porsches should benefit from the impressive suspension system already adopted by the Chinese brand Nio.

Anyone who has ever driven a Porsche, whether electric or heated, cannot ignore the dynamic characteristics of the cars, and especially all the work surrounding the development of the chassis.

And for the future, Porsche intends to go further and has just joined the company ClearMotion, a Boston expert in the development of chassis systems. The goal of this partnership is “enhancing the performance of the already sophisticated and powerful chassis of Porsche models. »

The best comfort is with an electric car?

You may have already heard about ClearMotion, and for good reason, since the company recently became known through a well-known Chinese manufacturer. The manufacturer in question is Nio, which launched at the beginning of the year a new high-end sedan called the ET9 and which has its own characteristics. a revolutionary suspension system developed by ClearMotion.

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To promote this new suspension, Nio presented an amazing video. We can see the car standing in a large puddle of water with the wheels just moving. These vibrate at high speed, as if the car was driven by Parisian stones. Later we find out that two glasses filled with water are placed in the hood which does not move.

To reach such a level, you can imagine that it is certainly not just a matter of suspension, or even the suspension of normal controls as we know them now. The car has a SkyRide suspension system, developed in collaboration with ClearMotion, therefore, where each shock absorber has its own directly connected electrical equipment.

The most impressive system from Porsche?

And really, what does that look like? This suspension allows the compression of each spring to change independently, depending on the severity of the road, while the camera can “read” the road and independently react to each shock to prepare it in a few milliseconds for more or less necessary compression. Nio technology can operate at up to 40 Hzwhich is 60 times better than a traditional sewage system.

Nine ET9

This is better than the system offered by Porsche on its Panamera, which cancels movements up to 13 Hz, and only on the rear axle. The height of luxury, even if the impact on freedom will be small, the Nio system allows you to recover up to 5 kW, such as a power stop.

The Chinese brand has reportedly concluded an agreement with ClearMotion to equip 750,000 vehicles with these new types of suspension. It remains to be seen what will happen to Porsche, especially since ClearMotion will have to face another important criterion for the German manufacturer: dynamism. And combining comfort and strength, two opposing qualities, is not an easy task.

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