What products will be as expensive as sugar at any time?

What products will be as expensive as sugar at any time?

About the prices of food, services and goods are rising once, you don’t need to remind anyone. We all see well what happens in stores and gas stations. Will the wave of these walks end soon? It is not. Furthermore, we should be prepared for further increases in spending.

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Recently, Poles are fed up with the news that they are in retail chains you can run out of sugar. This has caused many people to have a clear reflex to buy this product in large quantities. – The stock of sugar in Poland (and also supplied from the EU stock) is so large that even if every Polish household wants to make a solid stock, there will be no shortage of sugar in the stores. However, short-term market panic accelerated the rise in sugar prices – and this, in the context of inflation, will not change easily and quickly. So – sugar will be in Poland, but the price after the increase by a big jump – explains the site spalabiznesu.pl.

A similar fate awaits other products. However, are they all worth buying in advance?

Which food products will be the most expensive in Poland?


Rising sugar prices will also make drinks and sweets more expensive. Business Area however, we advise against buying large amounts in stocks. If they have food moths in them, what we’re going to do is throw money down the drain. Save for a few bars of your current favorite chocolate, but don’t overdo it.


The war in Ukraine has doubled the price of grain, including wheat and rye, which are used to produce the most popular flour among Poles. Additionally, there was a drought in Texas, the world’s second largest wheat producer. In Poland is also not good – first drought and now warm weather; farmers complain that the grain is “burned” on the stump – calculates services.

All these factors will make flour more expensive – it is estimated that by the end of this year it will be three times more expensive than it is now. However, it is not worth buying flour in bulk due to the risk of larvae hatching in it. These can replace other devices, and as a result, everything will be thrown away.


The price of butter will also gradually increase. By the end of this year, you probably won’t be able to buy an anklet for less than PLN 10. However, this product can be found without fear. Stored, it will last for months and will not lose its quality.


Economists estimate that a loaf of bread from a bakery at the end of August can cost up to PLN 13, and its prices in December will reach up to PLN 17. You can buy bread stock now and freeze it – as long as you don’t mind the taste and smell later.


Recently, however, chicken has become more expensive, which is also a result of the increase in feed prices. For example, at Lidl, the chicken quarter at the beginning of June and July increased by 10% immediately. If there is a significant increase in the price of wheat, which analysts predict for August, the price of chicken will rise by more than 20 percent. A slightly smaller increase – unless the decrease in production increases – is the forecast for pork and beef; the latter has already increased in price. In the aforementioned Lidl, one of the cheapest varieties, the popular beef series, immediately increased from less than PLN 28 per kilo to PLN 34. – calculates Business Area.

Meat take easy you can buy more and freezing for the next months.

Will you save?

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