What the Electric Acura NSX Needs to Corner the Electric Supercar Market

What the Electric Acura NSX Needs to Corner the Electric Supercar Market

In August, Acura debuted an all-new concept car and called it “a fascinating design study with exciting performance numbers.” The future car, the Honda-owned company said, will help steer Acura toward its zero-emissions future. It’s not hard to spot what’s floating on the horizon is an electric sports car. A brief look at the impressive and futuristic front step looked like Acura’s popular NSX.

Acura’s NSX shocked the automotive world when it hit the market in the late 1980s in its first iteration. The car, inspired by Formula 1 technology and tested by motorsport legends, left its mark by offering one of the fastest drives on the Japanese Domestic Market. The latest launch for the second time included good performance at a higher price compared to rivals. With 2022 Acura NSX reviews in mind, there are a few things the electric version could improve to revive the NSX’s reputation.

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High Speed ​​Is The Key To Breaking Records


The 2022 Acura NSX Hybrid reached a top speed of 191 MPH. The reaction time of the beloved car is faster than other competitors, but not by much. The 2022 model has a 0 to 60 MPH time of 2.9 seconds. The 2024 Mercedes-AMG GT, by comparison, is said to reach 60 MPH in just three seconds and the 2021 version hits a top speed of 202 MPH.

The second generation NSX failed to meet the expectations of many. Although it was faster – in acceleration and top speed – its competitors also had the same numbers, if not better. With a previous stellar reputation synonymous with speed, the NSX name took a bit of a hit. Now announcing the manufacturer’s first series of electric vehicles, Honda is lagging behind when it comes to introducing the latest and greatest in electric technology. That doesn’t mean it can’t fix the NSX’s short-lived reputation as it tries its hand at leading the electrification of the automotive industry.

Once holding the title as the fastest car on the Japanese car market in the 1990s, the previous sports car models set the bar high. With its aerodynamic body, a concept like the NSX from Acura looks promising for performance. If it wants to stand out among today’s best-performing cars, however, it must not trade speed for sustainability.

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The Electric NSX Needs a Competitive Price Tag

Acura Performance Electric Vision Concept

One of the biggest complaints from recent NSX models was the hefty price tag attached. The 2022 hybrid sports car came in at $171,495. Competitors, however, had similar price tags with better stats and a fancy name attached. If the electric NSX wants to compete with prestigious names like McLaren, Mercedes, and Audi, a good price is a must. The 2023 Audi R8, for example, starts at $161,395 and offers nearly the same acceleration time and top speed.

How the 2022 Acura NSX Price Compares to Rivals

An example

2022 Acura NSX

2021 Mercedes-AMG GT

2023 Audi R8





Horse Power

600 horsepower

577 horsepower

562 horsepower


495 pounds feet

516 pounds feet

406 pounds feet

High Speed

191 MPH

202 MPH

200-204 MPH

Speed ​​up

2.9 seconds

2.9 seconds

3.4-3.5 seconds

The electric car market has a wide range of prices. However, the electric sports car industry ranges from $45,000 to over hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not rising above the million mark. The 2024 Rimac Nevera, for example, starts at $2,200,000. With this price range and performance, the electric Acura NSX has some breathing room for the price. That being said, there has been a big push to lower the cost of electric cars – and that’s not just for everyday drives. Rumors spreading about a $25,000 Tesla would shake everything previously thought about the market. Although not built for peak performance, Tesla’s potential in the affordable electric car space means the value of luxury names can be reassessed. Acura has to have a strategic electric sports car to fly off the shelf.

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V-6 Sound Is Essential To Satisfy Auto Aficionados

Acura Performance Electric Vision Concept

The 2022 Acura NSX had a hybrid powertrain going for it. That characteristic sound, however, will be missing in the all-electric version. While the drivers of the 2022 model could go back and forth — turning down the volume in residential areas and keeping it on the racetrack — the all-electric powertrain couldn’t produce that big a roar.

Electric vehicle technology has thankfully evolved to suit all types of car enthusiasts, including those with a love of a roaring engine. Cars like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Dodge Charger Daytona SRT come with extra noise to keep the culture and driving experience lively. While non-car fans may have raised their eyebrows at the addition, or even found it counterintuitive, it ultimately increases the reach of the electric vehicle industry. Classicists have long debated how fast-market electrification will affect older engines. Now, it seems the best of both worlds are playing out.

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Needs To Boasting At Least 300 Miles Of Range

Acura Performance Electric Vision Concept

Although speed is a priority, the electric vehicles available today are not lacking in driving range. The 2024 Audi e-tron GT hits 240 miles. Although the GT is slower than most EV sports cars, it also offers a very low price, starting at $107,995. As such, the Taycan was Porsche’s first electric luxury car. While the Taycan can perform well – including a 2.4-second 0-60 MPH sprint – its biggest downfall was a range of 225 miles. , the all-electric Acura must hit the sweet spot in top speed, acceleration and range. A range of 300 miles at the very least would set the EV NSX up for grabs.

Acura’s first electric SUV is available starting in 2024. The ZDX is expected to have a combined range of 325 miles and fall within the $60,000 to $70,000 price range. The EV SUV debuted at Monterey Auto Week alongside a possible NSX concept model. The fleet of electric vehicles not only reflects Acura’s plans for the future, but the automotive industry as a whole. More and more manufacturers have set lofty goals to go completely green, or zero-carbon by a range of dates: 2028 for some, 2030 for many, and 2035 for others. Acura fits perfectly into Honda’s plans to sell only electric cars by a later date: 2040.

Although that date may seem far off, it will also allow the car brand to experiment with the latest in electric vehicle technology and create a balance of speed, performance, price and endurance. Hopefully the newest all-electric sports car off the factory line will strike that balance. With its light show to reveal the concept car at Auto Week, Acura introduced a new future for the brand – one that is stylish, fast and sustainable. As more details come out of Acura, gearheads wait in anticipation of what could be a bright and eco-friendly future.