What to expect from the car market in 2023: see 10 predictions

What to expect from the car market in 2023: see 10 predictions

The New Year always has that prediction. A famous person will have a year of consecration, disaster will hit the country and war will break out there. In the field of cars, the forecast for 2023 is more accurate because it can be more fundamental.

If there are many guessers out there, AutoPapo decided to take their turn as Mãe Diná. We will bring here our estimates and bets for the car market in 2023, based on the behavior of the industry in recent months and years.


1. Citroen C3 will sell

In two months after the launch, the new generation C3 registered more than 7,000 vehicles. With Stellantis’ help in coaching the brand to sell and with a cost advantage, you can bet the hatch will arrive in 2023 among the top 10 best-selling passenger cars in the country.

The reasons are many. THE C3 has versions under 80 thousand BRL and that novelty footprints. Plus, the longer stance makes it look like an SUV, which is something everyone wants. But the cheapest crossover touches R$ 100,000. Finally, the Citroen hatch arrived with one of the cheapest maintenance plans on the market.

2. Pickup trucks will grow

chevrolet nova montana premier 2023 brown front stop
The Chevrolet Montana will be slotted between the Toro and Strada (Image: Chevrolet | Disclosure)

The pickup segment is the fastest growing after SUVs. Today, 15% of all cars sold in the country are motorcycles. According to the launch schedule, the unit should reach 17% by the end of 2023.

Even for the variety of products that will come in the new year. There is the compact mid-size Chevrolet Montana, which wants to attract customers from the Fiat Toro and SUV segments, the large Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado and the medium-sized movement, and the launch of the Fiat Landtrek, a new generation of Ford. Ranger, Ram 1200 and modified VW Amarok.

3. SUVs will sell more

Sports utility vehicles will continue to steal the spotlight and focus on launches in 2023. Therefore, it is not difficult to predict that the category will grow further in the next 12 months.

In 2022, SUVs accounted for more than 35% of the total market. But in passenger cars, 5 out of 10 cars are SUVs. With more than 20 versions planned for 2023, the body should reach a 60% share among light vehicles.

4. Peugeot will also grow

peugeot e 2008 gt white road front european model

Another French woman who should be smiling in 2023 is Peugeot. In terms of participation, the brand has already reached 2%, a combination that it did not have since ten years ago. The trend is for growth.

According to the plans, Peugeot wants to consolidate its network in the coming year. In addition, new versions of the 208 entry and future turbocharged options will increase sales of the small hatchback.

The brand is still betting on expanding its established image. After the e-2008 was launched last year, the manufacturer is preparing the arrival of the e-3008. And it will expand the commercial vehicle ignition strategy, with the launch of E-Partner with an eye on the urban cycle distribution market.

5. King Stellantis

Stellantis plans several launches until 2025 (Photo: Ernani Abrahão | AutoPapo)
Illustration: Ernani Abrahão | Automated Chat

This is almost one of the most common predictions, like “Anitta will be successful this year”. With five brands established in the country, Stellantis holds ¼ of the Brazilian market and should maintain growth momentum in 2023.

Also because Fiat, the main manufacturer of the group, aims to maintain market leadership and the operations of Jeep and Ram continue to generate good profits. At the same time, Peugeot and Citroën, as mentioned, will grow in terms of registration.

It is worth noting that the president of Stellantis, Antonio Filosa, has already signaled that the company is preparing a major investment round for South America for the next year. A contribution that will exceed the R$ 16.2 billion of the previous cycle (2018-2023) and that will include 45 launches, including new products and offerings.

6. Chinese women will bother themselves

Blue Haval H6 SUV is on the way
SUV Haval H6 enters the market in early 2023

So far, Chinese brands have not attracted the market. It is true that Caoa Chery is already making noise with its well-equipped SUVs, but the forecast for 2023 shows that Great Wall Motors (GWM) and BYD will arrive with very competitive vehicles in the Brazilian market.

The Haval H6 that GWM will launch at the beginning of the year should be the cheapest hybrid SUV on the market, with a price of around R$ 260 thousand. At the same time, after launching Song Plus and Yuan, BYD should consolidate its network of distributors in the country in 2023 and already start national production works at the old Ford factory in Camaçari (BA).

7. Ford will remain ugly

ford mustang mach e 2
Mustang Mach-e lands this year (Image: Ford | Disclosure)

Speaking of Ford, this one will remain an importer only. It is true that the brand is preparing launches, but some of them are niche, such as the hybrid configuration of the Maverick image and the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV.

The biggest bets are on two new models. The third-generation Ranger was produced in Argentina by the SUV Equator Sport, the successor to the District. However, the brand is unlikely to improve its share of 1%, which gave it 14th place in the assembly until November – if you discount passenger cars, Ford is 20th, with 0.2%.

8. Polo will suffer

volkswagen polo track 2023 silver front

One of the most accurate predictions for 2023 in the country’s car market is that the Polo will struggle to fill the void left by the Gol. Even with the arrival of the compact Track version, which will have a price close to that of the late hatch, it will be difficult for the line to maintain the legacy of Gol, which averaged around 6 thousand units registered per month. .

9. Nissan in defining time

nissan system and power specifications
In the e-POWER system, the gasoline engine is not connected to the wheels; just charge the battery

Next year could be a watershed year for Nissan. That’s because the Japanese brand is planning a small SUV to stand on top of the Kicks with E-Power versions – a type of “hybrid” where the combustion engine supplies the batteries for the electric motor, which is what drives the car.

This model will be responsible for bringing a good amount and a large amount of profit for the car manufacturer, which will also focus on the half-forgotten segment of the market, that of sedans. Nissan will re-order the Sentra to try its luck among the Honda Civic orphans as well as the facelifted Versa.

10. Electrical faults

Another prediction that no fortune teller needs to work hard. The electric car market in 2023 will continue to attract new combustion products. Many indicate branding, and show communities that they have carbon reduction goals.

There will be at least 16 launches of 100% electric cars in 2023. And wait for models of all sizes and brands.


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