What?  was it an attempt to kidnap a child?  Radlin in shock

What? was it an attempt to kidnap a child? Radlin in shock

Attempted child abduction? The police are appealing

His mother reported the matter to the police:

Malgorzata Koniarska: Around 2:10 pm, this girl was pressed by two men. They gave him a ride and an ice cream break. The girl absolutely refused. He ran towards home. He immediately informed his mother about the whole incident, who took decisive action and decided to inform the police immediately. Police officers were directed to the area, they patrolled Kwiatowa Street, as well as neighboring streets. They did not meet the men described by the girl or this car. The car was dark. According to the girl’s account, it should have been a car bigger than an Opel Vectra. The police officers, after this information, were looking for the car during their service, have ordered the work and control the city in this matter.

says Małgorzata Koniarska, Wodzisław police spokesperson.

Małgorzata Koniarska spokeswoman for KPP Wodzisław Śląski

Officials urge vigilance:

Malgorzata Koniarska: We call on parents to talk to their children if they encounter such a situation, how they should behave. And this information is better if it comes from the parents. Police officers are also available. We conduct preventive and compliance meetings. We remind you of the safety rules. First of all, we inform children that they can affect their safety, and the most important rule is to inform an adult about what happened to us. And then we adults know what to do, ie notify the appropriate services. This girl did the right thing. First of all, he completely refused, and after returning home, he immediately told his mother everything.

– concludes Małgorzata Koniarska, spokesperson of the police headquarters in Wodzisław.

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