what we already know about the 100% electric SUV

what we already know about the 100% electric SUV

Fiat continues to develop its compact SUV, the electric 600. The spies captured a few photos and did not hide anything.

The new Fiat 600 is eagerly awaited from an Italian manufacturer. A few spies they were able to have pictures of this small electric SUV.

Because yes, like many other producersFiat will have to respect the law and in particular the one that prohibits the sale of new diesel cars from 2035.

Unfortunately, Fiat had to be late and can get difficult to maintain readiness of the Stellantis group to stop selling hot cars in 2030, ie 5 years before control.

Slimmer design

What we can see at first is design of this new electric model.

Very quickly, we realize that some level 500 features have been taken. We think especially of the front face and light signature.

Design should not give up fans of the Italian brand. We get more style modern and more elegant than previous cars.

Use of the e-CMP platform

At the moment, Fiat obviously has very little communicate on this new model. The official submission should arrive next months.

However, thanks for the picture, we can also see that the dimensions are almost close to what the Jeep Avenger offers.

At the level of technology on board, 600 should be equipped e-CMP platform of the Stellantis group.

Other group types already have this technologywhich helps us see less more clearly in the choice of Fiat 600 engines.

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156 horsepower

In all likelihood, the future compact SUV from Fiat will have an engine 100% electric of 156 horses and 260 Nm of torque.

The 54 kWh battery, in turn, would have a range of more than 400 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle.

Finally, it just has to 30 minutes to fully charge the battery, due to the maximum capacity of 100kW in direct current.

The Fiat 600 will arrive at European dealers first the end of the year.