What?  What is the Best Brand of 2023 and What Brand…

What? What is the Best Brand of 2023 and What Brand…

If it’s a hobby The power of JD are car brands rank for reliabilitythen the hobby Consumer Reports next to best car brands rank in the United States. By brand quality we mean overall customer satisfaction and specifically regarding topics such as their performance, driving behavior, overall perceived quality, etc.

For Consumer Reports – which evaluates only in the US – saw 2023 victory goes to BMW which scored 81 points in total. This is a significant improvement for the German brand which was still in third place in 2021. Subaru is second (79 points and 1 in 2021) time Mini completes the microphone (79). Japanese brands then all stand in a row, and Lexus (77) equal to HondaAfter that Toyota (76), The beginning (76) and Mazda (75). Next is Audi (74), followed by Kia (73), Acura (72), Buick (71), Hyundai (71), Porsche (70), Dodge (68), Lincoln (66), Tesla (66), Infiniti (65), Volkswagen (64), Volvo (64), Nissan (63), Ford (63), Chevrolet (62), Cadillac (62), Chrysler (62), Mercedes (56) and GMC (55). Mitsubishi scored only 54 points at the time Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Jeep and Land Rover red light they had 53, 52, 46 and 45 points.

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And more reliable?

The power of JD focuses on reliability issues that in the first 3 years of use is determined. Again, this is a ranking based on the US market only. Regardless of the Consumer Reports study, one thing is certain: Land Rover is at the bottom of the list again!

Last year it was come on which emerged as the most trusted brand. But it will be in 2023 canceled by Lexus, not by chance because the Japanese brand is a regular winner. Toyota’s premium division leads with an average of 133 problems per 100 carscompared to 152 problems per 100 vehicles for Kia, which is third only to the new luxury brand of the same Korean group, Genesis (144 problems per 100 vehicles).

German staples are lagging behind

Surprisingly, some American brands are doing better than Japanese ones: Buick has 159 problems for 100 vehicles and Chevy 162 while Mitsubishi has problems 167 and Toyota 168 problems per 100 cars. Hyundai from Korea, Mini from Germany and Nissan from Japan are tied at 170. And the top German brands? They are far below the standard: BMW is 15th with 184 problems per 100 vehicles. This is just above the market average of 186 problems per 100 vehicles. Surprisingly, Honda is below average with 205 problems per 100 vehicles, as is… Porsche (208 issues), Mercedes and Audi they are very far behind. Land Rover comes last with 273 problems per 100 vehicles. That’s more than double the Lexus…


The improvement, however…

JD Power also points to the progress achieved year-on-year. Nissan reduced the number of issues by 35 from 2022 levels. Volvo performed better with 41 fewer problems. Audi, on the other hand, has fallen with 20 problems for over 100 vehicles. And it gets worse: Mercedes has 45 more problems with Ford... 65! Overall, JD Power indicates that global reliability has increased slightly. Are you guaranteed? That remains to be seen, as the study is based on cars that are still young (3 years old). It is highly likely that the record will deteriorate further in the coming years.

What will your next car be?