What’s next for Lightning?  And block trainer Roman Reher –

What’s next for Lightning? And block trainer Roman Reher –

In the grand finale of Bitcoin, Electric Week of Fiat & Rock’n’Roll, Jonas and Roman Reher (Blocktrainer), the biggest and best-known Bitcoin YouTuber in the German-speaking area, will give a view on everything to do with. Electricity.

In the episode, the two first discuss the main drivers behind the increasing adoption of Electricity and what factors will make a significant contribution in spreading it even further. In this context, the announcement of the company Strike is very important, which means that Lightning can be found in stores in the United States in just a few years.

Roman also reports that companies are increasingly interested in Lightning, which is reflected in high ratings such as Lightning startups.

In the second part of the episode, Jonas and Roman look at Taro. Taro is a project that in the future should make it possible to send assets other than Bitcoin via Lightning. For example, coins or non-volatile tokens may also be transferred via Lightning in the future. What are the powers of the tarot? And what could be the showstopper? You will find out in the session.

Finally, Roman dares to look into the crystal ball. How will electricity develop in the next five years? The resolution is in the period. Enjoy listening!