What’s up with Ford and the windows that roll out?  |  Auto55.be

What’s up with Ford and the windows that roll out? | Auto55.be

IIn September 2021, Ford had to recall more than 17,000 units of its electric Mustang Mach-E to the dealer. The windshield and panoramic glass roof can fly. There was an error on the line. And now the brand has another such problem.

In total, more than 39,000 units of the Ford Bronco – SUV and more than 24,000 units of the Ford Ranger pickup will be recalled. In this case, the official reason is that the windshield can come out, especially in the event of an accident. All affected vehicles must come in for inspection and windshield re-installation.

A few problems with new Ford products

The Ford Bronco was enthusiastically received in America, but the model seems to have problems. It’s not the first memory in a long time. Early on it turned out that the child lock sometimes did not work and there are also engine problems. Last week, the fire hazard was added to it. Ford is asking owners of tens of thousands of SUVs (many of which are not sold from us) to park outside. In the past year, Ford had to recall more than half a million vehicles due to fire disasters of various causes. And yes, the Bronco is also on that list.

Ford chose not to carry the Bronco in Europe, although you can buy it (also in our country) through gray import channels. But from the end of 2023, the brand will offer a “limited number” of units through official dealers in a number of left-hand drive European markets.