When is coal cheaper for residents?  Minister Moscow has revealed the date, now is any minute!

When is coal cheaper for residents? Minister Moscow has revealed the date, now is any minute!

When does coal sell for PLN 2,000 per ton? The Moscow minister revealed the date

The government’s solution to high coal prices was subsidies, but when they failed, a program was launched to provide raw materials to local governments. It was assumed that local governments would sell coal to residents up to PLN 2,000 per tonand even less if it carries minimal shipping costs. Jacek Prusinowski from Radio Plus asked the Moscow minister when the Poles will finally be able to buy cheap coal.

– The bill is already in the Senate, there will be a quick return to the Sejm with the signature of the president. It should close this week and the president will sign the emergency bills Minister Moscow said.

Money is not everything. Tomasz Gontarz

If the local government does not join the plan, we will buy coal from the neighboring district

As the minister assures Anna Moscow, activities “in the field” have already begun and the voivodes have collected the needs of local governments. Throughout the country, hills have been created (several in the voivodship, at a distance of several kilometers from each other. The head of the ministry assures that the distribution of coal is a matter of a few days, in some municipalities it may take a little longer.

– Much depends on the community, there are different needs, some communities still collect materials and information about needs from residents. Half of the local governments signed up to the program. Some local governments reported that they do not need this coal – a few local governments, others are surprised and “opposed”, but I hope that the situation will be resolved.. If not, local governments will help residents, because the law also provides for situations where the local government does not want to join the program for some reason, said Minister Moscow.


Have you bought coal for the winter?