When it comes to CVTs, what years should you avoid on the Nissan Sentra?

When it comes to CVTs, what years should you avoid on the Nissan Sentra?

“I would like to know if Nissan Sentras Is it good to buy a used car? What years should be preferred so that you do not have problems with CVT? – Jean-Jeannotte


Good morning. Unfortunately, the offer window for the Nissan Sentra is quite small. Unless you choose the manual gearbox on the 2013-2019 generation, we wouldn’t recommend the car because of its problems with the CVT. Sadly, the Sentra isn’t alone in this Nissan boat, the Rogue, Pathfinder and Altima have all had their timing issues with the CVT as well.

So that narrows the window for the current generation which, for now, seems to show better reliability than the previous generation CVT. Nissan isn’t releasing any information on how to fix the problem, but for now, it’s holding up. For used Nissan Sentra, look from 2020 and younger. After its presence on the market in its 4e in 2023, has not shown any problems with its CVT.

What? everything else is fine and dandy? It is not necessary, the generation launched in 2020 is not free from the annoying situation of the owner. There are several cases of problems with the brakes, whose performance is disappointing in terms of performance and durability. Already, the quality of Nissan’s painting has been pathetic for a few years, it seems that is still the case now, if not worse. In addition, creaks invite themselves quickly on board if you drive regularly on hard roads or only on those found mainly on Quebec soil.

While we recommend the Nissan Sentra for its quality and sound handling, it doesn’t make our list of the best in its segment. For added peace of mind, you should probably look at other competitors like the Mazda3, Toyota Corolla, and Honda Civic. It will probably take a few years back to reach Sentra prices, but the investment is worth it.