Where does Opel come from?  – Amstelveenz

Where does Opel come from? – Amstelveenz

Opel is a famous car manufacturer from Germany. The company was founded in 1862, when the company’s founder, Adam Opel, started making sewing machines, after which the car under this brand was first manufactured in 1899.

The company has since been included in the Groupe PSA group. The company’s headquarters are located in Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany. The current type of company includes passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. In the UK, Opel cars are sold under the Vauxhall brand.

Technical details of Opel vehicles

This time, by Opel high efficiency engines with low CO2 emissions. Naturally designed 3 and 4 cylinder engines (diesel and gasoline engines) and turbocharged engines have been installed. For example, the new Opel Insignia Grand Sport comes with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine producing 162 hp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. The small Opel Corsa is powered by a 1.2 liter turbocharged injection engine with a output of 98 hp.

The car manufacturer has installed many innovative safety systems in its vehicles. Examples include Forward Collision Notification, Road Assistant, Side Blind Sport Notifications. Advanced technology solutions such as LED light bulbs and IntelliLux LED Matrix lights, Rear Camera Camera and Adaptive Caravan Control are now also available.

In the case of car occupants, the car manufacturer provides heat to the front seats, windshield and also the steering wheel. At the 2019 Corsa, the front seats have a massage function.

The latest lightweight Combo Cargo, Vivaro and Movano cars are heavily loaded and economically viable, making them extremely valuable in the business world. New Combo Life is a versatile passenger car that combines comfort, space and security. The car is offered in 5 or 7 seats versions.

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