Where is this crisis?  Bentley broke its annual profit record in just six months

Where is this crisis? Bentley broke its annual profit record in just six months

Semiconductor shortages, wars, production disruptions and inflation have a major impact on the automotive industry. Many manufacturers are facing record lows. But there are exceptions, like the luxury Bentley, which has made it almost impossible.

Luxury brands have been riding the wave for a long time, posting record profits and impressive sales. Among the manufacturers who, despite the problems, cannot complain about their fate is also Bentley. The results with which the British brand finished the first half of the year are impressive. And all this in very difficult times.

In the period from January 1 to June 31, 2022, Bentley showed a profit of 398 million Euros. This is more than EUR 389 million achieved in the whole year 2021, so far it is considered the best in terms of income.

“We are about to close factories, three times, due to the possible shortage of components from Ukraine and the lack of semiconductors.” a spokesperson for the brand told the newspaper Motor vehicle. However, he emphasized that the company can rely on priority treatment in the Volkswagen group, thanks to which today it produces at the highest level in history.

In the first half of 2022 Bentley sold a total of 7,398 cars, of them about 2,068 went to the United States, which is the brand’s largest market. Bentley’s most profitable model is, of course, the Bentayga SUV, which accounts for 40 percent of sales. The Continental GT is in second place, and the Flying Spur in third place.