Which car used the Volkswagen city car to choose?  – Pictures

Which car used the Volkswagen city car to choose? – Pictures

Which car used the Volkswagen city car to choose?

Volkswagen develops its range of city cars around two models: Polo and Juu. More importantly, the Polo offers plenty of technical and innovative features for driving around town. The Up, on the other hand, has a smaller size to easily glide through urban traffic. Find out which city car you should turn to buy a used Volkswagen according to your suggestions.

Why choose a used Volkswagen Polo?

Launched in 1975, the Volkswagen Polo is the iconic model of the German brand. As the market changed, the Polo developed over six successive generations. Currently, the Polo V and Polo VI are the most common second-hand versions.

Sold from 2009 to 2017, the Polo V benefited from several distinctions, including the title of “World Car of the Year” in 2010. Launched in 2017, the Polo VI is still in production. This latest version impresses drivers with its innovative design and long-term reliability.

The Polo offers a capacity of five seats and is available with a manual or automatic gearbox. Available with diesel or gasoline engines, you will find this car in various power from 65 to 200 horses. Its compact dimensions make your urban commute easier, while its technical characteristics provide good performance on the highway.

In terms of equipment, the Polo is equipped with modern options from the first trim levels. In particular, you have many driving assistance features such as lane keeping assistance. Polo is also known as a fuel efficient car. Its average consumption is around 5.5 l/100 km.

Why choose a used Volkswagen Up?

The Volkswagen Up represents the smallest car from the German manufacturer. It has a length of 3.54 m, a width of 1.64 m and a height of 1.68 m. This small size gives you a big advantage when moving in high traffic areas.

The Top model is available in various petrol engines, ranging from 65 to 115 horsepower. These engines adapt very well to the dimensions of the car and ensure smooth and powerful driving in the city. However, they are not able to take full advantage of this car on the highway.

This car is an economical choice when buying a used Volkswagen. Available in a range of prices, the Up is a great choice for budget and young drivers. For around €10,000, you can get a 2017 Up with around 50,000 km on the clock. You should expect around €15,000 for a model produced after 2020 with low mileage.

Volkswagen is expanding its range with a 100% electric version of its compact city car, dubbed the e-Up. With a 32.3 kWh battery, it offers a range of up to 260 km in urban use. Dimensions remain the same as the hot model, as does the trunk volume which remains at 251 liters.

What are the other compact models from the Volkswagen brand?

Adopting a crossover style while retaining the dimensions of a city car, the T-Cross offers a compact solution with a spacious interior. Built on the same platform as the Polo VI, it is 4.10 m long. It joined the Volkswagen Compact SUV lineup in 2018.

The Golf occupies a central position in the Volkswagen sub-segment. This car is perfectly compatible with the daily routine. Classified as a small sedan, it offers a set of modern features and a distinctive design. The Golf is known as the best-selling model of the German brand, with more than 35 million units sold.

The T-Roc SUV proves to be the best companion for your trips in the city or the countryside. It combines high-quality finishes with a sporty exterior design. Its fabric is similar to that of the popular Tiguan. The Volkswagen T-Roc offers many safety features such as fatigue detector and hill start assist. Powered by turbocharged engines from the Volkswagen Group, the T-Roc is available in petrol or diesel versions.