Who is Fabio Pinelli, the League’s lawyer elected vice president of CSM

Who is Fabio Pinelli, the League’s lawyer elected vice president of CSM

The Supreme Court has elected its vice president, criminal lawyer Fabio Pinelli. A candidate from the League, Pinelli will lead the work of CSM for the next four years. He was the lawyer, among others, of Luca Morisi, of Armando Siri and of the Veneto Region of Luca Zaia.

The Supreme Council of the Judiciary elected him as vice president Fabio Pinelli, an ordinary member – that is, not a judge – close to the League. Pinelli, 57, born in Lucca, is a criminal lawyer working in Padua. He was elected with 17 votes out of 33 councilors. Thus he defeated the candidate of the Democratic Party, constitutionalist Roberto Romboli, who got 14 votes.

The position of the vice president, in the Council, is particularly important because the president of the Republic always holds the position of president. Sergio Mattarella, of course, was also present at the voting. In the ordinary proceedings of the Supreme Judicial Council, however, almost always the vice president heads the job.

Pinelli was elected in the third ballot, after two ballots that did not see him get enough votes. It was since 2014 that the centre-right did not show the vice-president of the CSM. After his election, he said:We try to be honest, transparent and never negligent in the interest of the country”. Finally, he quoted Rosario Livatino, a judge who was killed by the mafia in 1990 and recently announced the beatitude: “When we die, no one will ask us how much we were believers, but how much we were faithful”.

President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, recalled the role of the CSM, “supervisor of the independence and independence of the judiciary”, and emphasized that Pinelli “is responsible for promoting the coherence of the activities of the Council”. Council President, Georgia Melonihe wished Pinelli “he wishes him a good job, with the assurance of honest cooperation with the government to improve justice in Italy”.

Who is Roberto Pinelli, criminal lawyer elected vice president of CSM

The new vice president of CSM has a law degree from the University of Milan, is registered by the Court of Padua since 1997 and since 2010 in the special register of lawyers accepted to work before the Court of Inquiry and other higher authorities. His specialty is economic criminal law, he teaches environmental criminal law at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Fabio Pinelli, as a lawyer, defended Luca Morisi in the past, the former doctor of Matteo Salvini, while in 2021 Morisi was at the center of an investigation – then archived, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office – for the transfer and possession of narcotic substances. Pinelli was also a lawyer for the former secretary of the Northern League Armando Siriwho as a junior minister in the government of Conte 1 had to resign corruption investigation in 2019. The League itself indicated this to the Parliament, which elected him to be a member of the CSM on 19 January.

Protection of the Veneto Region and links with Luciano Violante

The relationship with Matteo Salvini’s party continues. Pinelli has helped so far Veneto region – led by the Northern League Luca Zaia – in the high test of Pfas pollution in the provinces of Padua, Verona and Vicenza. In the case, 15 managers of Miteni, Icig and Mitsubishi Corporation are accused of water poisoning, unspecified environmental disaster, waste management without permission, environmental pollution and bankruptcy crimes.

For the Veneto Region, lawyer Pinelli also helped to fillshown at the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Venice against biologist Andrea Crisanti. The complaint was filed in 2020 by Azienda Zero, the Veneto regional board dealing with the purchase of medical equipment, and Pinelli said he made a “technical contribution” to writing the document. The conflict between the Region and Crisanti then led to mutual accusations and the resignation of a biologist from the University of Padua.

He is also a member of Leonardo base, founded in 2019 by the Italian aerospace and defense company Leonardo SpA The president of the foundation is Luciano Violante, former president of the Party from 1996 to 2001 and defender of the Democratic Party. Pinelli is also close to Violante as a member of the scientific committee of ItaliaDecide, a public policy analysis association of which Violante is honorary president.