Who is Mg, what cars does it produce, where and reliability, the warranty of its most sold cars in Italy.

Who is Mg, what cars does it produce, where and reliability, the warranty of its most sold cars in Italy.

The British brand MG specializes in the production of various types of energy-efficient vehicles, with a particular focus on electric operation, with the aim of promoting sustainable living among its European customers, including those in Italy. The most successful example is the electric car MG ZS EV, which has recorded 15,000 units sold, followed by the MG EHS, which was introduced to the European market in early 2021.

The brand has made a good start for its newest electric crossover modelMG Marvel R, which is expected to reach new sales targets in 2023. Let’s see in this article:

  • MG: who is it, what cars does it produce?
  • MG car reliability and warranty
  • What are the problems of MG cars

MG: who is it, what cars does it produce?

MG is a British car brand specializing in the production of small sports cars. Founded in 1924, the company has gone through a number of acquisitions, most recently in 2007 when it was acquired by China’s leading automotive group, SAIC. Thanks to the restructuring carried out by SAIC, the MG brand was relaunched in China, England and other European countries.

There manufacture of MG cars is based in two main offices: England for the European market and China for the Chinese market. MG cars are designed at the company’s state-of-the-art design studios in Shanghai in collaboration with a London design studio.

MG 4 it’s a five-door minivan of British production but assembled in China, using a platform designed specifically for electric vehicles, with batteries attached to the floor and a rear-mounted engine to drive the rear wheels. This solution is similar to the MEB system used by Volkswagen for models such as the ID.3 and Cupra Born.

Standard technological equipment is rich and includes many driver assistance systems. Most of the car’s functions can be controlled via the central screen which is very responsive, but not always convenient. The quality of interior finishes is not uniform. The layout is aimed at comfort and absorption of road faults is good. The base price of the MG 4 is 30,000 euros.

MG ZS is a front-wheel drive crossover made in China, with classic lines but a sharp touch. The size of the wheels, available in 16- or 17-inch versions, may seem inconsistent with the car’s high profile. The cabin is large and offers a large cargo area.

The interior style is linear and includes a dashboard with analog instruments, a mid to 10.1-inch touchscreen with navigation functions and a dual-zone automatic climate control system with traditional controls and round and square vents. The quality of the finishes is reasonable. The MG ZS is available with petrol and electric engines, with a base price of 17,000 euros.

MG car reliability and warranty

There MG Italia commercial network has 40 dealers and 70 stores, aiming to reach 100 stores supporting ZS, Marvel, EHS and G5 models. MG’s range of vehicles offers customers a wide choice of powertrains, from hybrids to plug-in hybrids to fully electric ones, to push towards zero emissions mobility. A distinctive feature of MG models is Standard warranty of 7 years or 150,000 kmwhich covers the entire vehicle, including the electric power and battery.

MG is known for its high comfort and high freedom compared to competing models. For example, MG EHS Plug-in Hybrid it is considered by those who bought it as the best solution for daily driving with zero emissions, while the new flagship MG Marvel R Electric It is characterized by elegant design, quality and sophistication.

A sustainable type of MG is also included MG5 Lightning, the world’s first electric station wagon. Thanks to these innovations, MG offers efficient and environmentally friendly cars.

What are the problems of MG cars

Analyze problems and defects of MG carsyou may notice the presence of many touch controls that, including climate control, driving mode and other functions, can be distracting while driving.

Some economic information such as navigator and voice commands in English only, the lack of roof handles and roof vents and lights in the rear of the passenger compartment and the use of cheap plastic are not very convincing. Modern driver assistance systems need to be calibrated more precisely, especially brakes that don’t adjust at low speeds.