Who is “Vovan and Lexus”?

Who is “Vovan and Lexus”?

Who fooled the ruling mayor of Berlin Giffey? Two Russian comedians want to be responsible for Klitschko’s counterfeit.

Five days after a fake video call of alleged Vitali Klitschko and Berlin Superintendent Mayor Franziska Giffey, there are new changes in the case. According to a report by ARD magazine “Kontraste”, two Russian comedians claim to be behind the scenes and deceive Giffey and some of his colleagues from European capitals.

“I do not want to reveal how we did it, but it was easy,” said Alexej Stolyarow from the two “Vovan and Lexus” according to ARD reports in a phone call with “Contrasts” editors. The artist’s claim cannot be verified by itself.

Last Friday, Giffey spoke via video with a person who resembled Kyiv Mayor Klitschko but was not Klitschko. Over time, various questions from a colleague made him doubt whether he was connected with the real Klitschko.

Then the conversation ended early. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the mayors of Vienna, Madrid, Budapest and Warsaw have also been deceived in a similar way.

According to information from “Spiegel”, the comedians were quickly identified as potential candidates for the fake phone calls by German security authorities. In the emails now they have shown their writing, reported “Spiegel”. According to “Differences”, Stolyarov did not give any details about how the two comedians wanted to create a bad Klitschko. He denied political motives. You do not work on behalf of Russian secret services.

Giffey plans to make a phone call with the real Klitschko

However, Giffey thinks that those involved in the fake phone call are pursuing political goals. “No matter who claims to be involved in the scam, what the real motive behind the scandal is: it remains an identity theft. These actions are in line with the Kremlin’s narratives and goals,” the SPD politician tweeted.

“They want to represent Ukraine’s allies and undermine confidence in Ukraine and us. They will not succeed.” Giffey has already announced that he will be on the phone with the real Vitali Klitschko in the future.

Stolyarov and his colleague Vladimir Kuznetsov have been known in Russia for years for manipulating high-ranking politicians and other international celebrities by means of counterfeit phones. Russian media recently suspected that the two could be behind talks with Giffey.

Over the past few weeks, the two comedians, who are considered loyal to the Kremlin, have misled former US President George W. Bush and best-selling author Joanne K. Rowling in this way. In both cases they acted as President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

They usually publish conversation recordings on Russian social networks late. According to “Differences”, Stoliarov announced that he would publish video recordings of all discussions with mayors on the Russian portal from Thursday.

According to their own information, the comedians have already been banned from the international YouTube video platform. Russian state television shows again and again in detail when Stolyarov and Kuznetsov have re-presented a Western politician.

Giffey switch to “fake” Klitschko: probably not a deep fake

As for the recent counterfeit phone calls to Giffey & Co., there are still a lot of unanswered questions – not least about the technical condition of the fabrication. In Berlin, the state security of the State Criminal Police Office is investigating. The Berlin Senate had previously declared that it appeared to be a deep fake. This involves content that has been altered using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques.

At the same time, it cannot be excluded that another manipulation technique without AI could be used, where existing video clips are re-collected. Such items are referred to as cheap or fake counterfeit.

According to “Differences”, Stolyarov said: “I can only say that it was not a deep lie.” If a technical question can be clarified it is of course a clear question. According to the Senate, there is no official record of Giffey’s fake video call because this is not uncommon in private conversations.


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