Who produces engines, plant engineering, technology Dr. cars are sold the most and where they are manufactured

Who produces engines, plant engineering, technology Dr. cars are sold the most and where they are manufactured

Dr. Cars is an Italian car manufacturer founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Massimo Di Risio with headquarters in Macchia d’Isernia, in Molise. Despite being an Italian company, Dr imports components from Chinese car brand Chery, which allows you to reduce the total costs of the loan and defer payments and pay the higher installments after two years. This is a unique case in the panorama of the automotive industry. Let’s explore in this article:

  • Auto Dr: who provides engine, technology, plant engineering
  • Not only Dr, there is also the Evo brand

Auto Dr: who provides engine, technology, plant engineering

Dr. Automobiles was founded in 2006 in Macchia d’Isernia and the entrepreneur Massimo Di Risio, and is an Italian car company that imports key components for the production of its cars from China’s Chery Cars, then assembles them in Italy. The Dr model uses only engines from the Chery Acteco family, available in a variety of petrol aspirated and turbo variants, with or without a petrol-LPG dual fuel system. Dr cars have a Multijet 1.9 diesel engine from Fiat Powertrain Technologies.

For example, Dr. 3.0 it puts a 1.5-liter four-cylinder Acteco engine, with a chain transmission, which gives a power of 116 HP at 6,000 rpm and a torque of 135 Nm at 2,750 rpm. Dr. 4 it has an engine produced by Jac and approved for Euro 6, while Dr. 5 it can be equipped with a 1.5 liter Acteco engine, available in a turbocharged version with 155 HP or a normally aspirated version with 117 HP.

Dr. 6.0 it is based on the Chinese model Chery Tiggo 7 Pro and is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine, capable of producing 154 HP and 210 Nm of torque, mated to a nine-speed CVT continuously variable gearbox. which transfers power to the front wheels. The car is equipped front suspension with MacPherson scheme and multilink rear, and front-wheel drive.

Dr. F35 it has a 1.5-liter Acteco four-cylinder engine, capable of producing 149 HP and a dual-mode gasoline/LPG fuel system. This model is available with manual and automatic gearboxes, both 6-speed. The life of the LPG system of the car is not established, but the replacement of the cylinders must be done every 10 years.

The gamma dr it has a variety of technologies, safety and comfort systems, including radio, climate control, metallic paint, alloy wheels, clean interior, LED lights, parking sensors, rain sensor, control automatic cruise, airbags, head airbag, fog. lights, sunroof, bluetooth, reversing camera, electric rear windows, electric adjustable seats, height adjustable driver’s seat, electric front windows, front armrest, folding mirrors electric windows, electric mirrors and external temperature indicator.

Not only Dr, there is also the Evo brand

The Dr. Automobiles Group has decided to expand its offer, by introducing a new brand called Evo, intended to work in conjunction with the Dr. brand. A new type, characterized by a.special attention to practicality and efficiencycomes with a wide choice of power units, from traditional internal combustion engines to the most modern electric engines, always distinguished by a full range of optional equipment and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The the birth of the Evo brand it started in 2020 and was created as a side of the DR brand, a famous car brand founded in 2006 by Massimo Di Risio in Macchia d’Isernia. Evo models are produced in China and then slightly modified in Italy, maintaining a low price compared to Dr.