Why does the new 5 million euro Bugatti have an elephant in the gearbox?

Why does the new 5 million euro Bugatti have an elephant in the gearbox?

For Monterey Car Week the new one was not visible at all Bugatti W16 Mistralwhich has an amazing price: approx 5 million euros. And it’s not by chance that it’s in a limited edition, it’s actually very limited: simply 99 examples, and all of them are already sold (whose delivery is scheduled for 2024). How not to be attracted to such uniqueness? Also added to the list are 1,600 HP of power and other very interesting details. We are talking aboutElephants put in brown changes which has a very special story.

A tribute to the history of the brand

Not everyone knows that the little elephant has a precise meaning in the history of Bugatti. Era first appeared on the iconic 1926 Bugatti Type 41 Royalelike a tribute to the bronze statue made by Rembrandt BugattiEttore’s brother, who committed suicide in 1916. In short, a kind of tribute to his own traditions, as happened in 2014 and Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse “Rembrandt Bugatti”: in the only three examples built, between the two seats and on the carbon plate, there was a unique one. a dancing elephantso it is defined.

What a force

This special Bugatti is the latest interpretation of W16 engine (first seen in 2005 on the Veyron): here it is presented in the 1,600 HP version. It’s there too‘the last car of the House of France that will adopt not only this engine, but in general the last petrol engine.

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