Why is this Land Rover Defender ad banned in the UK?

Why is this Land Rover Defender ad banned in the UK?

What is going on here? In the video Three Land Rover Defenders arrive by boat on Above and Beyond land; a playground for road riders, with rivers, canyons and rocks. So it is a great irony that the Land Rover business has been banned for lack of stones. In one special photo…

The cutscene ends as the three Defenders retreat to the parking lot above the overhanging rock wall. You see the reversing camera and you hear beeps from the parking sensors, which make sure the driver doesn’t fall into a ditch with the Land Rover and all.

Land Rover Defender marketing is misleading, claimants say

And two television viewers could not understand that. Because the parking sensors could not go off, according to the plaintiffs, because there is no wall, pillar or stone behind the Defendants. In other words, the sensors cannot protect you from negative impacts on the canyon floor.

Land Rover defended the Defender ad by saying that there are actually rocks behind the cars (they aren’t). But the broadcasting organization ASA believes this has not been seen enough and agrees with the complainants. Video it is misleading and should not be broadcast on UK TV. Seen on Youtube…