Why not just take the engine from Mercedes

Why not just take the engine from Mercedes

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Today’s Aston Martin racing team was already a Mercedes engine customer under the name Force India. This has not changed in 2022 either. Sebastian Vettel’s team will continue to provide Mercedes powertrains and have opted to use the Silver Arrows gearbox and rear suspension as well.

At least under the hood, there’s a lot of Mercedes behind the AMR22


For the team, this has practical reasons: “It comes as a nice, small package. It’s convenient,” says technical director Andrew Green. In previous years the Silverstone team had only bought a gearbox and developed their own suspension.

“But the two have been fighting for a very long time,” says Green. That is why the decision was made to use the AMR22 suspension for which the gearbox was designed.

Unlike Haas, however, Aston Martin did not want to buy as many parts as possible from other teams, preferring to have as much freedom as possible. For example, the front wheel suspension could be taken from Mercedes, but that would have some disadvantages.

“Then you try to match the chassis with the suspension system which lags behind,” explains Green. “We would have to wait for the suspension to be defined before defining our own chassis.” And then you will have to define the chassis as a Mercedes in a short time, because you will find out later.

“And we couldn’t focus on that, especially with the schedules that we have,” Green said.

The unit of transmitted power, on the other hand, is a known quantity. “It’s probably the area of ​​the car that has seen the fewest changes from 2021 to 2022,” the technology chief says. The engines had to be changed to the new E10 fuel, “but that’s not a big change.”