Why rain can save the Red Bulls in Silverstone

Why rain can save the Red Bulls in Silverstone

It’s Saturday and that means qualifying in Silverstone. Where Ferrari did well on the first day, Red Bull Racing lacked great speed. Helmut Marko talked about several inequalities in the team from Milton Keynes. What is Red Bull endangering? Bees System 1 they have looked at the data, and it becomes clear that qualification will be difficult, but that the speed of the Red Bull race is high.

The first thing that stands out in the analysis is that Red Bull has had a long night. Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez won the last six Grands Prix because of the remaining direct momentum gain. Still, Red Bull has weaknesses that emerged from day one in Silverstone, based on data. So they had to watch that last night.

For example, the Verstappen team wins more than one-tenth in a row because of its high-speed gains, while Red Bull are also strong in speed corners. To achieve these speeds, however, they have to compensate so much for the slow corners that they run a huge gap for a rival Ferrari. losses? About fourteen. Mercedes faces a very similar problem compared to the Italians.

Red Bull is at a fast pace

If we do not look at the speed of one cycle, but at the speed of the race, it suddenly seems that Red Bull is in good shape again. In this category, the Austrians lead the group, with an average profit of two-thirds over Ferrari’s expulsion. Mercedes is just over ten behind this one and therefore does not seem to be as fast as the other two top teams, contrary to what George Russell previously suggested.

Why rain can save the Red Bulls

After just one period of free practice, a picture emerges that we actually have seen throughout the year: Ferrari dominates more than one round, Red Bull in all races. Logically, if the other variables remained the same, Ferrari would take a firm stand, and then feel the pressure from Red Bull in the race. Red Bull has advantages in direct races, which take up too much space, but we do not know how big this advantage is in the speed of the race.

That’s why it’s impossible to say in advance if Red Bull will be able to overtake Ferrari during the race. In fact, Verstappen is already in front of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz when the lights go out. There is certainly a chance that he will succeed, and that could be argued on the basis of Saturday’s weather forecast.

Rain is expected to fall during the third free exercise and qualification. Verstappen recently showed in Canada that he is in his own class on the face of a damp road, and he could also show this in the UK, provided Red Bull will stretch the remainder in his RB18. If rain can reduce Ferrari and Verstappen’s qualifying advantage to a good position, then it is a matter of surviving the opening phase and eliminating them from the competition. After all, its speed is higher than that of the Ferraris. Rain can make Verstappen weekends easier than it seems now.