Why the Lexus RX will not come as seven seats

Why the Lexus RX will not come as seven seats

Lexus is updating the RX, which is the fifth generation since the production method was launched on the market in 1997. In the last 25 years, only the fourth edition has been offered a seven-seater variant. Will there be seven seats from the new generation of course? The answer is no.

The manufacturer is clear. The seven seers have not yet been announced and will not be present. As it turns out, demand for the version with two additional seats was smaller than expected. Only in the UK was it above average sales. The English importer offered approximately 20 to 25 percent of the fourth-generation Lexus RX as an extended alternative. On average, one in ten buyers in Europe opted for the version with two additional seats. It is a number after all, you might say. But guess what Lexus asked RX customersThe owners of the second body model did not buy the SUV because of the third row of seats, but because of the larger cargo space that the model offers compared to other models.

lexus rx500h

More and more broadly

That’s why Lexus has chosen not to offer the RX again as seven seats, but to increase the load level. Lexus has not yet commented on how big the cargo space is in the fifth generation. The manufacturer states that the volume increases. On the one hand by increasing the width of the vehicle, on the other hand by increasing the loading length. The distance between the backrest of the rear seat and the flap is now 5 cm wide and that within the height of the car that has remained the same. The development department has made the back seat slightly smaller and set the tail hole. The rear seats are even placed one inch behind.

For the first time with a turbo engine

The new Lexus RX will appear on the Dutch market in early 2023. The 4.89-meter uncharted SUV will only come with powerful hybrid trains. At the start of the sale, there is the RX350h option with a 2.5-four-four-cylinder (245 hp), a RX450h + 306 hp-plug-in powertrain powertrain and a 2.4-cylinder turbo 2.4 engine with power support and system power. of 371 hp. There will be no electronic version. The platform is not suitable for that, says the car manufacturer. You can read more about the Lexus RX here.

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