Why the Volkswagen Transporter is loved by everyone – De Drontenaar

Why the Volkswagen Transporter is loved by everyone – De Drontenaar

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Entrepreneurs, holiday lovers, hippies, retirees … we can’t name a group of people where the Volkswagen Transporter not so is loved. Almost everyone has a soft spot for this unusual style that has been in production for 70 years. We explain why this is the case in this article.

Volkswagen timeless car

Everyone can create a memory with an old Volkswagen car. By simply mentioning the word “Volkswagen van of yesteryear” everyone knows what the model means: Volkswagen Transporter. So the Volkswagen Transporter is the best-selling van in the world and this is certainly not just because this model has been in production for a long time. The model was given a design that has many similarities to the Volkswagen Beetle. This appearance alone ensured that the Volkswagen Transporter not only became very popular, but the timeless Volkswagen van became a real collector product. This is still the case. The Volkswagen Transporter is still used as a camping car by lovers of nostalgia.

Why the Volkswagen Transporter is still an interesting van

You can probably conclude from the above that the Volkswagen Transporter is now a museum piece. However, nothing could be further from the truth than that. The Volkswagen Transporter is still a very interesting option if you are looking for a suitable van. The Volkswagen Transporter is designed with the goal in mind. The interior is solid and can take strokes. In addition, Volkswagen has excellent features in terms of reliability and Transporter has excellent driving features. The transporter runs comfortably just like a passenger car. It is these types of assets that make the choice for a Volkswagen Transporter used very interesting.

Your options at Volkswagen Transporter events

If you place a vacancy with a special car service provider such as ENGLISH Vans When you look at the different types of used Volkswagen Transporter cars, you will soon come to the conclusion that you will end up with a T5 or T6 model. After all, the T6 models were put into production in 2015. At the moment, the range contains only diesel models that vary in engine power from 90 to 200 HP. Models may be equipped with a manual gearbox or automatic transmission. You can choose a Volkswagen Transporter event with one or two rows of seats. However, this is just a selection of your many options. The model, which has been in production for more than 70 years, has various versions. There is so much to mention. It is this move that makes the Volkswagen Transporter still popular with many.