Will Alpina help BMW sell exhaust after 2035?

Will Alpina help BMW sell exhaust after 2035?

Alpina was officially bought by BMW this year. Let’s examine what this transaction might actually mean.

A family business in the hands of a large concern

Alpina is a family company whose passion for creating cars (and wine, because the family involved in the car industry runs these two businesses at the same time) is passed down from generation to generation. The whole adventure began quite inconspicuously, because of the creation of… the typewriter. Later, however, the whole thing changed, and the passion for driving won – and in this way the German company modified BMW cars, but in more detail than just in visual terms. The first two “innovations”, namely the double Weber carburetor and the crankshaft, can be seen in the company’s logo.

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Alpina deals with engine and gearbox tuning, chassis tuning, aerodynamics and individual interiors according to customer specifications. The factory in Buchloe, Bavaria, is not a huge hall with thousands of employees – the whole thing seems very intimate and has a “family” atmosphere. In addition, there are frequent claims to smell grease and the smell of leather used in the design of the interior of the car, which is something special, of course, and it is difficult to find something similar.

It is also worth mentioning that Alpina is completely different from the statement “mass production” – in one year, no more than 2,000 cars leave Buchloe, and sometimes even less than 1,500. For this reason, we can talk about the unique uniqueness.

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Will this acquisition make Alpina lose its character?

The takeover of Alpina by BMW was undoubtedly a very powerful event that will significantly affect the future of the company. Despite working directly with Bayerische Motoren Werke, Alpina worked alone, creating real gems without electronic speed controls.

What? Will this tradition continue, and Buchloe will smell fat and leather? On the one hand, this acquisition can be considered as a kind of salvation for Alpina – after all, the situation in the car market is not kind, as evidenced by frequent delivery problems and downtime – and this is a huge burden for large manufacturers . , and for small meeting plants it can be bad. On the other hand, Alpina may lose its soul as a result.

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Alpina as a BMW exhaust gas pass?

The most interesting aspect of all, however, is the declarations of the companies. First of all: BMW has said that it is ready for the “electric revolution” and by 2030 it will have only EVs, so it does not contradict the EU plan. At the same time, Alpina directly announced that the company does not plan to create a single car with an electric car and does not want to get rid of exhaust gas at any price. And that may be a key piece of the puzzle.

The Alpina could be BMW’s ticket to selling emissions even after 2035 – just like other luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti. This, from the point of view of BMW itself, is of course a better vision and the possibility of delaying some modifications; thus, the company will be able to fully satisfy all customers.

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If so, the theories about Alpina losing her original spirit make more sense. Of course, a lot depends on the situation on the market, but the interest in the exhaust gas pipe can increase a lot – which will mean that we will be able to forget about the small and family factory in Buchloe and the romantic history of the German. family. It’s sad.