Will Aston Martin still finish sixth in the World Championship?

Will Aston Martin still finish sixth in the World Championship?

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Aston Martin has improved over the past two races to finish seventh in the Constructors’ Championship. For a long time, Sebastian Vettel’s racing team was second to last, but thanks to 20 points in Singapore and Suzuka, Haas and AlphaTauri were able to overtake them.

Sebastian Vettel was sixth, just ahead of Fernando Alonso


Even sixth place for Alfa Romeo is completely out of reach: only seven points have not been earned so far, and the racing team has managed to collect only one point in the last nine races (up to the championship position).

According to team boss Mike Krack, the latest results have been a great motivational boost for the team, which, however, should not stop now: “Confidence is not everything,” he says. “You also need a fast car. We don’t achieve much on confidence alone.”

“We know where we are with our car. We have made progress throughout the year, but in a normal race we would definitely have problems finishing sixth,” said Krack. “We have to be realistic. There are still four races to go and if we can continue to score points, then there is a chance we can create a chance.”

“But,” he continues to warn. It also works the other way around: “If one of our opponent’s teams scores a lot, then we can also lose chances.” Aston Martin is currently eleven points ahead of Haas and AlphaTauri, who are fighting for eighth place on the same number of points.

“So there are four races, that is still a long way, and we have to continue to show a good level,” said the boss of the team who is encouraged by the recent results: “In the last twelve races we scored ten times. You see we are on the way correct.”

A change of shoes is important

At Suzuka, the team benefited from a bold strategic decision when Sebastian Vettel was brought in as the first driver at the intermediate stops after the restart. Only Williams did so and Nicholas Latifi, who was awarded his first points of the season.

“We had talked about it. We had time to discuss it, what are we going to do?” says Krack about the strategy. “And then we decided that together. Ultimately, the driver had to make the final decision because we don’t see all the conditions of the track. He had the last word and we were ready.”

“And I think that was important, but also we were able to pass Latifi in the pit because otherwise we wouldn’t have been ahead of Fernando. [Alonso] achieve the goal. Basically, these two decisions were important,” says Krack.

Is Aston Martin the end of the season?

For the team boss, Suzuka was the best for Vettel in the 2022 season along with Monaco, Baku and Canada.

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Aston Martin will also need that if you want to get an Alfa Romeo, especially since the rest of the ways have little to do with the ways Aston Martin was good. “The following races are all very similar in terms of characteristics,” says Krack.

“It’s not like the circuits of Baku, Singapore and Monaco, so it will be more difficult for us than those races.” Despite that, he is still optimistic: “It can rain in Sao Paulo and we can also run in Sao Paulo. So there is still a possibility. And there is no track that we think would be too bad for us. Just check it out.”