Will BYD take over Ford plant in Saarlouis?

Will BYD take over Ford plant in Saarlouis?

Ford is reviewing its footprint in Europe with a goal of 100% electric range by 2030. And that includes reducing its production capacity. Talks on this topic are currently ongoing with trade unions in Germany, but a decision on the future shutdown of the Focus production line, in Saarlouis has already been taken. So Ford is now looking for a buyer and among the candidates will be… BYD!

15 potential investors

BYD is on the attack in Europe and has already shown that he wants to have it one or more factories on the Old Continent. Reuters news agency cites several sources suggesting that the brand would consider taking over the Ford factory in Saarlouis. There will be 15 potential investors, including Magna and VDL Nedcar, as well as BYD. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ford will have a meeting next week with BYD in China, although this information has not been confirmed by the automaker.

According to German trade unions, Ford would like to have a plan to restructure its operations in Europe by mid-February. We already know that at the Cologne plant, at least one example of electricity will be collected. In addition, Ford’s factory in Valencia, Spain, is now being redesigned to allow the production of electric models. Photovoltaic panels will also be added in the future, for the production of 4.6 MWh of green energy.

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