Will Citroen AMI appear in Poland?  Interest in the small car is on the rise  French.pl

Will Citroen AMI appear in Poland? Interest in the small car is on the rise French.pl

The Citroen AMI is a small electric two-seater whose popularity is constantly growing. It is possible that it will appear in Poland, although currently outside the official sales channel.

The Citroen AMI is an unusual car, even for a brand with chevrons. The small battery provides a distance of 75 km and the maximum speed is only 45 km / h. Despite that modest capacity, the car is perfect for shopping, traveling to school or work, and for hanging around the chimney. Low performance is also accompanied by a low price – used units can be purchased for around PLN 30,000.

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Now there is a chance that AMI will be seen on a larger scale in Poland, although it is not yet included in the importer’s official sales channels. With a low price and a good installment offer, it can be a good addition to your home car fleet, for short and cheap trips, provided you have access to electricity – because the AMI is charged from a standard socket.

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We will soon inform our Readers about the details of the proposal, which should appear soon in Poland.

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AMI technical data:

  • length 2410 mm
  • width 1390 mm
  • height 1525 mm
  • leave the axle 1728 mm
  • turning diameter 7.2 m
  • number of places: 2
  • engine power: 8 HP
  • maximum speed 45 km / h
  • 5.5 kWh battery (cost)
  • distance up to 75 km
  • front car
  • weight of 471 kg
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