Will Pourchaire keep the Alfa Romeo sofa warm for another year after Zhou’s success?

Will Pourchaire keep the Alfa Romeo sofa warm for another year after Zhou’s success?

Théo Pourchaire, a Formula 2 driver and talented from the Alfa Romeo youth academy, is eager to step up to Formula 1. It remains to be seen if he will succeed in 2023. Zhou Guanyu has excelled in his first matches for the club. of Switzerland, and that could also give him a seat for next year.

In Switzerland Click it is recommended that Alfa Romeo team captain Frederic Vasseur be satisfied with the work that the Chinese have done so far. That’s why he would like to continue with the ‘experiments’ – placing Zhou in the F1 cockpit after his Formula 2 year – for another year. Good news for the 2022 bridegroom, but a few good news for the Pourchaire.

The aspiring Frenchman probably did not seem to notice the uncomfortable feeling of how Zhou hit the F1 team in 2022. Zhou did well in F2, but certainly was not the best driver in the small class at the time. So it seemed to be a driver who could not distinguish it from the fast electric seat, who is currently working on the ART Grand Prix.

Zhou consistent and fast

In his first game, Zhou scored once, after which he was dry for seven games. During these matches he was often unlucky: he did not see the finish line no less than three times. With eighth place in Canada, the Shanghai-born driver added a total of points, much to the satisfaction of his team boss.

Zhou is generally slow and makes few mistakes, which could make him a more attractive candidate than Pourchaire for 2023. Pourchaire, who currently holds second place in the Formula 2 championship, therefore seems to be able to keep the bench warm in the race. Switzerland for another year. However, he is known as one of the biggest talents of the current Formula 2 grid, so if Alfa Romeo had nothing to offer him after 2023, there may be opportunities elsewhere.