Will the new Dacia Duster create a whole family of models?  It will start with Bigster

Will the new Dacia Duster create a whole family of models? It will start with Bigster

The new Dacia Duster as a pickup truck? We already know this body variant of the Romanian SUV. From where? From South American countries where the Duster pickup was regularly sold – it was known there as the Renault Oroch. So it is not surprising that fans of the model decided to think about whether the “box” would also be suitable for the third generation of Duster. But draw a convertible or a 3-door roadster based on it? The creativity of the artists really surprised us.

The new Dacia Duster will appear in showrooms in April 2024.

Our representative was at the presentation of the third generation of the Romanian SUV and could not praise the changes brought by the designers. A similar situation also prevails in other editorial offices and on forums of users of previous Dusters. What? What do we know about the new version, apart from the fact that it looks good?

  • The new Dacia Duster is built on the CMF-B platform and will be more spacious than the previous one.

  • The third generation Duster will be the first in which, along with petrol engines and LPG variants, a hybrid version will debut.

  • The car (thankfully!) won’t lose 4×4 from its options list. In addition, it will have several off-road driving modes.

  • Although it will debut in showrooms in April 2024, prices for the Romanian novelty are expected to appear in February 2024.

Dacia Duster could create a whole family of models

Apart from the information given above, we also know that the offer will be completed by the Dacia Bigster, a long version of the 7-seater SUV. But not only Romanian designers work on new releases – amateurs also do it after hours.

In our opinion, the most interesting projects were presented by the Hungarian artist X-Tomi. Below you will find his opinion on the cars that can appear on the Dacia list without any shame. Unfortunately, these are pipe dreams. But it’s always nice to look.

Dacia Duster as a cargo truck:

Dacia Duster 3-door version:

Dacia Duster as a replacement:

Which body variant would you most like to see in showrooms and why?