Wind becomes petrol: Porsche award for e-fuel pioneers

Wind becomes petrol: Porsche award for e-fuel pioneers

Like VW and Porsche boss Oliver Blume and a number of other board members from the group make the extra trip to Vienna for a good cause. On the one hand, because every two years Porsche presents the most valuable award in the industry. On the other hand, because it is an issue close to the heart of CEO Oliver Blume.

E oil: It is part of the mobility revolution, a piece of the puzzle in the overall picture if cars in Europe and, if possible, in the whole world should not be tied to the climate. For Porsche, it is no less than saving their cult car, the 911, where the group is investing 100 million dollars in research and development of electronic energy. An oil that can replace regular oil. Oliver Blume: “There is major challenges we face due to climate change. We have to act: quickly, consistently, effectively.”

And that’s what Porsche does. For Blume, there is no question about where to go in general: “The future belongs to e-mobility. In the Group, we aim to deliver more than 80 percent of electric vehicles by 2030.”

But: You would have growth stock ship, after all 1.3 billion cars in the world. Ascending direction. They should also be considered. And, Blume continues: “E-mobility is not available in all parts of the world at the same time. Combustion engines are not only being discarded, but are going to the second and third markets. In addition to considering electronic vehicles, considering electronic fuel makes sense. . Because you can achieve a quick and significant CO2 reduction in existing vehicles this way”.

With wind and sun

It is important for that climate-free production of electronic fuel in areas where wind and sun are abundant. And here it comes Chile to play where the wind blows incessantly. There has Porsche pilot project started by building a factory that produces electrical energy from the wind. 100 million dollars the group has invested. It should be 55 million liters per year by 2025, 550 million liters per year by 2030.

Award winners, the Porsche and Piech families. That’s right: VW and Porsche boss Oliver Blume

© Photo: HOUDEK Photography / Porsche

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The gift of technology

The Porsche Award is the most prestigious award in the industry for technical progress in automobiles. For the sake of The 32nd time now he was forgiven. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the Porsche family it refers to a remarkable achievement in terms of mobility. There are 50,000 euros for that, previously it was 70,000 shillings at the beginning.

In 2023, the prestigious award went to the creators of the first electronic fuel production facility in Chile, which is Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Karl Dums from Porsche AG and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Marcos Remedios Marques (formerly Porsche AG, now HIF Global) and Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Schumacher and HIF Global. With the construction of a pilot plant “Haru Oni” In the opinion of the jury, the necessary foundations are being laid in the southern Chilean region of Patagonia to be able to produce electrical energy in large quantities, at a competitive price and possibly in a way that has no impact on the climate in the next few years. . Combustion engines thus become CO2-free, and the poorly used and unqualified combustion engine turns green.

Dean of the Vienna University of Technology, Prof. Sabine Seidler, presented in the university hall with Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Porsche AG, and Dr. Hans Michel Piëch, Member of the Board of Management of Porsche AG, presented the winners with plaques and certificates for the Porsche Prize, which is awarded 50,000 euros.

Rolf Schumacher: “This is the main thing in my career. We fulfilled a dream. We did not make life easier for us with this work. We integrated new technology into the system, under adverse conditions – we did not have a power connection on site. We “We are proud to bring an example to the racetrack for record time and we can learn a lot there for serial production. Our goal was always clear: We are changing the world with our project.”

Karl Dums: “Porsche is a brand for those who follow their dreams. Our project is more than just work. We want to lead our 911 into the future. With pioneering spirit and courage – where others say we have done. E-fuels can replace oil, that is part of the future, and therefore We want to support young engineers in Patagonia with prize money. Thank you for this honor.

© Photo: Niels Starnick / photo on Sunday / WERK

Stay open to technology

For Oliver Blume, the most quoted plays “efficiency” Unfortunately, e-oil plays a minor role, as he emphasizes in his speech. “Where there is an abundance of energy, you can generate. E-fuels also have good transport and storage capabilities. Solutions are not just black and white – and sustainable e-fuels should not replace e-mobility in the future, they should support it.”

“Agreement at EU level, E oil to allow it no victory for combustion engines and no defeat for electromobility. It’s a win for everyone.” This time, the pioneering spirit and determination to launch new technology was rewarded with the Porsche Award.